Thursday, November 24, 2011

An Amazing Day On The Underverse Sanctuary Mutship!

Hetepu Family!
On 5.23.11 the Underverse Sanctuary family came together to once again run a all-light (day) / all-shadow (night) marathon netshow of endless music & positive vibration! What an amazing & positive time it was! I want to give dua (gratitude) to all who tuned in & to all of the DJ's who took the Command Bridge! From Rated M, to Mattski, Dave Kennedy, & TommyToonz, the sets were all strong & in-depth with feeling & balanced energy!

We set out on this particular journey paying Homage to The Native Nations (mistakenly called "American Indians"), of the lands of what today are called the Americas; and to all other souls who have suffered the horrors of Colonization this world over. We took this journey on Nov. 23rd, & into the 24th (the American Holiday "Thanksgiving") to remember that this Holiday in America... at its root, had nothing to do with "giving thanks", & though it is a positive day for families who come together on this day, the TRUTH of its historical reality should NEVER be overlooked. The human inhabitants of this present world need massive change!!!... & the first key in bringing about positive change is to FACE & EXCEPT the TRUTH! On the spiritual side of it, the Marathon was a way I knew we could send out a positive vibration to Souls that are still asleep & suffering. We all have what it takes to change the condition of this world. We are not secular to Eternity... we are a piece of it.

With all of that said, I hope to bring the family together more often to run marathons. We've done a few to date, & thus far they've been nothing but positive. If you'd like to listen to the sets from the 23rd - 24th marathon, go to The Underverse Sanctuary ustream page ( All the sets from the marathon & other shows can be accessed on the menu at the right side of the page.
Remember that the show also runs every Sat. shadow (night) from 10pm - 7am (U.S. E.S.T.) - & sometimes longer. Once again, I give Dua (gratitude) for all of you, & hope you will continue to tune in.