Thursday, November 24, 2011

An Amazing Day On The Underverse Sanctuary Mutship!

Hetepu Family!
On 5.23.11 the Underverse Sanctuary family came together to once again run a all-light (day) / all-shadow (night) marathon netshow of endless music & positive vibration! What an amazing & positive time it was! I want to give dua (gratitude) to all who tuned in & to all of the DJ's who took the Command Bridge! From Rated M, to Mattski, Dave Kennedy, & TommyToonz, the sets were all strong & in-depth with feeling & balanced energy!

We set out on this particular journey paying Homage to The Native Nations (mistakenly called "American Indians"), of the lands of what today are called the Americas; and to all other souls who have suffered the horrors of Colonization this world over. We took this journey on Nov. 23rd, & into the 24th (the American Holiday "Thanksgiving") to remember that this Holiday in America... at its root, had nothing to do with "giving thanks", & though it is a positive day for families who come together on this day, the TRUTH of its historical reality should NEVER be overlooked. The human inhabitants of this present world need massive change!!!... & the first key in bringing about positive change is to FACE & EXCEPT the TRUTH! On the spiritual side of it, the Marathon was a way I knew we could send out a positive vibration to Souls that are still asleep & suffering. We all have what it takes to change the condition of this world. We are not secular to Eternity... we are a piece of it.

With all of that said, I hope to bring the family together more often to run marathons. We've done a few to date, & thus far they've been nothing but positive. If you'd like to listen to the sets from the 23rd - 24th marathon, go to The Underverse Sanctuary ustream page ( All the sets from the marathon & other shows can be accessed on the menu at the right side of the page.
Remember that the show also runs every Sat. shadow (night) from 10pm - 7am (U.S. E.S.T.) - & sometimes longer. Once again, I give Dua (gratitude) for all of you, & hope you will continue to tune in.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Neter Supreme in command!

Part. 1 of 9 Hr. set with Neter Supreme.
For pt.s 2-3, please visit the Underverse Sanctuary page on


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SAT. AUG. 27th! A Day Not To Be Missed!

You can listen to the show here on the blog, or here >
Remember that if you'd like to join in the chat-room, you have to be a member of ustream, so sign up if you feel the need. Hope to see you all there.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Sat. Aug. 27th...

It's a day of Zulu Commanders at the controls of the Underverse Sanctuary Mutship!
Line up includes djSolE (U.S. Resident), Veja Vee Khale (Khale Recordings), Xolani Dlamini & Vusi Chirwa (Alpha & Olmega)!!!!!!
This is a journey NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!

Sat. Aug. 20th (TODAY)!

Listen to here (on the right side bar), or on the ustream page.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

(Aug. 2012) What's going on.

Neter just finished up his remixes for the new Flipgroove single "Come To Me" featuring the beautiful & talented Alana. Veja Vee Khali has also completed his remix for the single & Rick Shaw of Flipgroove has done a new remix as well. This should reach you all by the end of Aug., & with all of these hot mixes, it will be worth the wait. Neter is also putting the finishing touches on the "Seq Tet En Tuat" EP set for release in Sept.: this is the actual 1st release on O.D.H. by catalog #... of course all of our releases have a meaning behind them & that includes the release date as well, so there will be times when a release may have a further catalog number that is released early, or vice-versa.

Neter Supreme & Veja Vee Khali have teamed up to connect forces in bringing you an EP sometime this fall. Production is in the works at this very min., so stay tuned on that. In Oct. Neter Supreme will be working with his artist Patreese & in early 2012 O.D.H. will make sure you get to know all about it!

Lastly, O.D.H. has received the "go ahead" in releasing a beautiful song entitled "Blue Again", which features the world reknown Underground Dance vocalist "Jazmina". Mixes are still being done, so we hope to have this set for release no later than Feb. 2012. This is a song that will touch your heart.

Sat. Aug. 13th The Underverse Sanctuary returns to the planet with our brother "djSolE" from Johannesburg, South Africa serving at the controls once again. You can tune in here, or at the ustream sight. The show will air from 4-6pm (est), & 10pm-12am (SA). On the 20th we will have our brothers Dave Kennedy (Chicago US) & Mattski (California US) at the controls, & on the 27th, Veja Vee Khali (Soweto SA) is flying the Mutship! There will be guest dj's through Sept., so stay tuned for further announcements on just who will be at the controls.

As always, we are grateful for the sharing of your positive energy & the support of our efforts. WE ARE ONE, & it only goes higher from here. We'll be posting the release date on the Flipgroove Ft. Alana next week. Until then STAY ELEVATED & CONSCIOUS!!!!

Hetepu (Peace)!

The Underverse Sanctuary RETURNS!!!!!!

TUNE IN THIS SAT. 4 - 6pm (EST) / 10pm-12am (SA)
You can tune in here on the blog on the right side bar, or at the ustream address.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Veja Vee Khali - The Muzikal EP

This release is a serious “Family Affair”! Original Drum Hsi welcomes our brother “Veja Vee Khali” with open arms to the label. Veja; the “cornerstone” of Khali Recordings, is a DJ/Producer from Soweto South Africa. Neter Supreme & Veja “reconnected” in this lifetime a few years back through their mutual friend/family member - SoLeDJ. Since that time they've been enjoying each others musical talents while rebuilding their brotherhood. In celebrating the conjunction of Original Drum Hsi & Veja Vee Khali, Veja brings forth “The Muzikal EP”. These 4 compositions are thoroughly laced with Veja's magic. From the melodic kineticism of “Blacksoul In Africa” & “Wonderful Place”, to the feel good vibrations of “Lift The World” & “Freedom”, this EP is sure to serve as your vehicle into a deeper state of being. Every last composition on this EP has the power to move you into the deeper parts of self... listen with your heart & your inner ear, & you will find this to be true.

Click this link to purchase "The Muzikal EP" now

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011


For all of you that waited for this release, IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!! As of today, "The DejinGO" is available on Here's the link >
Use it to get lifted!!!!!
Gratitude family.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Brand new Spring '11 sets from Neter Supreme!

Hetepu family!
For all the family that have been anxiously awaiting Neter's return to the air waves, well we have some goodies to hold you down for awhile. Neter Supreme has just done 3 brand new sets just for you.
1st up is a 2 1/2 hr. HOT ASS set! - on Neter Supreme's podomatic spot. Do remember that you can use podomatic on your iPod, so feel free to get that energy on your gadget!

2nd up... for all of you that want to take the Eternal energy of The Underverse Sanctuary with you on your mobile media, Neter Supreme is now available for your iPhone, iPad mobile, Andriod, or just about any "smart phone" on this planet through the app. You can go to & download the app. for your mobile media, or you can check the sets out on the web. I suggest that you download the app. so you can have the set with you on the go, but do as you wish. There are 2 parts. to another 2 1/2 Hour Brand new set waiting for you there.
In celebration of Original Drum Hsi being released on 4.21.11, Neter has yet ANOTHER set that's a little over 2 hrs. available now on Click on the link & get lifted.

Please keep in mind that the weekly Underverse Sanctuary show will be back on the air in a few weeks, so hold tight & we will all ride that Mutship together again soon. Always check the blog for updates on what's going on with Neter Supreme, Original Drum Hsi & The Underverse Sanctuary.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

APR. 21st, 2011!!!!

Welcome aboard the new blog!

Hetepu Family!
In light of the label launch (officially Apr. 2011) - I've started this new blog. The Original Drum Hsi site will be up by this summer, so stay tuned. Until then, you can keep up with what's going on with Original Drum Hsi (the label), & Neter Supreme here on the new O.D. blog. You can also catch the weekly netshow (The Underverse Sanctuary) here as well now. Just check the ustream player on the right panel every Sat. shadow - Sun light. If you didn't know, the weekly netshow is off the air until the end of Apr., beginning of May. - so hold on for a few more weeks. As it has always been the way with Neter Supreme, all energy that comes, MUST be at peace & willing to awaken to consciousness while still here on this single planet: that basically is to say... any "low energy" will not register, or be tolerated here. At this area in what you call "time", the planet that you are on is moving into the final stages of supreme balance, as it has no choice to - for the small universe that it is inside of is doing the very same. This is a time of great & unimaginable change. There will be much saddness & pain as the old realm passes away, but I would tell you to hold on, "WE GON' MAKE IT"!!!! The frequencies coming from the label & all other efforts from Neter will speak to that reality. You are a piece / particle of Eternity... the before, the now, & the after, so however you see yourself today, be it Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Spiritualist, Straight, Gay, Dark, Light, Skinny, Fat, or whatever, know that I see you in all of the before, the now & the after as the Eternal energy that you are. I look forward to us returning to the harmonious order of all that exists: remembered, & yet remembered. I appreciate all of you that support Neter, Original Drum, & The Underverse Sanctuary... KNOW THIS!!!! WE ARE ONE, & we're in an area that all shall remember that fact. ALLLLLLL that being said, WELCOME aboard as we move into harmony!