The Papyri Of Neter Supreme

I am full of gratitude for the energy & frequencies received by all who have come on flight with Original Drum Hsi! I cannot begin to tell you how much you are appreciated. Know that this is not just some label out to make money. Original Drum Hsi has been set forth in this area to bring souls who are awake & awakening; into the reality of Eternal Oneness. We bring you frequencies of harmony & balance through our music. There is not one atom of ego involved with this energy. We are not trying to outshine or become "superstars"... be it the case that we are Eternals... WE ALL ARE SUPERSTARS, & the Omniverse has room for all souls... KNOW THIS!!!! I hope you will continue to receive our vibrations in the efforts already set forth, & those yet to come. I truly cherish & adore you all, & that is a truth because I cherish & adore myself; & WE ARE ONE! There is always room for the spiritually awake & those awakening into consciousness - here with Original Drum Hsi.
Neter (6.21.11)

The Neter Supreme Re-Split
of Teedra's "Complex Simplicity"