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Monday, December 28, 2015

DuaU Wh-Yt (Much gratitude family)

Tracklisting for Neter's set from Dec. 26th Marathon on The Underverse Sanctuary (CORRECTED)

01. Kabomo & Mpumi / Simple Things / Coke Promo
02. DJ Pope & Sheree Hicks / Keeping My Composure (DJ Pope's Sound Of Baltimore Mix) / Chic Soul Music (
03. Kyle Small Smith Ft. Krystal Dixon / Innocent Kind (Neter's Alt. Dymynsionz Mix) /Promo
04. Wipe The Needle Ft. Lifford / Rise Up / Makin Moves Rec.
05. Azee Project / Pescador (Abicah's '15 Rework) / MoBlack Rec.
06. Steal Vybe Ft. Byron J. Moore / Live Your Life (Ian Friday Libation Mix) / Global Soul Music
07. Roy Davis Jr. Ft. Terry Dexter / My Nation (Ray Coker Rmx) / Mile End Rec.
08. Genvee Ft. Rona Ray - Tears Of The Ocean (John Lundun Soul Rmx) / Kings Of Groove Rec.
09. DJ Fortee Ft. Tiffany Rosebud / Mixed Emotions / DNH Rec.
10. Real Purple Deep Ft. Jooma / Touch Me (Neter Supreme Studio Mix 1) / Promo
11. The Layabouts Ft. Portia Monique / Bring Me Joy (DJ Cubix Rmx) / Promo
12. Ta-Ku / I Miss You (Neter's Blastah' ReSplyt) / Promo
13. Enoo Napa / Japanese Christmas / Iklwa Promo
14. Mi Casa Ft. Nathan Adams & Zepherin Saint / Turn Up / 34 Music (iTunes)
15. Black Motion Ft. Relo / On My Own / Promo
16. Revolution Ft. Msaki / Spring Tide / Four Sounds Prod. (iTunes)
17. Echo12Inch Ft. Teezy / Moving (Original) / Tribe Rec.
18. Enoo Napa / ---- / Original Drum Hsi Promo
19. D.O.S. Ft. Incognito & Vanessa Haynes - Sweet Power, Your Embrace (Neter's '77 Mix) / Promo
20. Helen & Terry - No One's Gonna' Love You Better (Neter's Better Modulation Mix) / Promo
21. Jackie Queens / It's Over (Soulfaktor Rmx) / Promo
22. Zepherin Saint Ft. Kholi Twala / Awkward Silence / Tribe Rec. Promo
23. Enoo Napa Ft. Jackie Queens / Sphiwe / Promo
Simphiwe Dana - Tribe (Live Version)


Original Drum Hsi (The Label) comes to its supporters who actually made a purchase from the label in 2015, offering them a pack of ReSpltz / edits & one instrumental of a soon to be released composition in 2016. This pack will be sent out to all e-mails that we received from individuals who made a legit purchase from our label this year. We sincerely appreciate your support, & we want you to know that we do not take our supporters for granted. We have so much great things coming your way in 2016, but for now we just want to serve you some gratitude. DuaU whyt (Much gratitude family), we are grateful for you.

New Release available right now on ORIGINAL DRUM HSI!

ODH-S-0022: Awakened Souls
Neter Supreme
π © 2015 Original Drum Hsi (G)

01. Awakened Souls (Neter's Paramount Mix) IRSC: QM9ET1500027
02. Awakened Souls (The Drum Brigade) IRSC: QM9ET1500028
03. Awakened Souls (The TasetAku Harmonic Mix) IRSC: QM9ET1500029

Original Drum Hsi is honored to bring you "Awakened Souls", which is the 1st release from Neter Supreme's new album set for release in May 2016. "Awakened Souls" is a transmission that expresses the frequencies of Cosmic Balance as heard through the culture of the many Nations of the West; also improperly called "American Indians" or "Native Americans." This composition offers all who'll receive it, a chance to feel & experience a timeless energy that has become just about lost from the modern world. It is an Ancestral frequency, a healing frequency, but most importantly… an Eternal frequency. With 3 different versions, "Awakened Souls" touches on the primary aspects of spiritual lift through musical vibration. Neter has presented them to you in a style of music, where the possibility to awaken from spiritual slumber off of a musical composition is upfront & vibrantly available. This is but a mere taste of what Neter has in-store for you with his new album "Temples Of Thee Eternals." We hope that you will open yourself up & allow yourself a chance to come back in-tune with these harmonious elements that should never be forgotten. Please feel free to get lifted! - DuaU whyt! (Much gratitude family!)

Recorded & Mastered at TANASETAKU TEMPLE (Galactic Mut System)
All Trks.: Conjured, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Editing, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Release Date: 2015-11-26

On The Buzz:
Terry Hunter (T's Box Recordings, Chicago US): "INCREDIBLE!"

Mattski (Underverse Sanctuary / Rock The Box, San Francisco, CA US) :
"Dope release as always brotha!!! Massive Tasetaku flow!

DJ Delabro (Culture Vybe, Canada) :
This is really a solid, uplifting & healing vibration of "American Indians." I really enjoy "The Drum Brigade Mix" - but all 3 trks. ROCK on a different level. Bravo!!!
The sound is clear & you deliver what is needed for the soul. A most spiritual package for listening & playing on our set. Real dope & unique.