Saturday, December 7, 2013

Neter Supreme "MADIBA RITUAL" set from Sat. Pt. 2 - MASSIVE!

Neter Supreme "MADIBA RITUAL" set from Sat. Pt. 1 PURE FIYAH'!!!!!!

DuaU whyt! (Much gratitude family)

DuaU whyt! (Much gratitude family) - for taking the journey with Neter this day. It's always a GREAT thing to share freely of positive energy, & when laced off with the drum... it is MASSIVE! The Underverse Sanctuary will be back on FULL BLAST next Sat., so I hope you will fly with us again. The "Madiba Ritual" set from today is available in the archives on The Underverse Sanctuary Ft. Neter Supreme on Ustream page. Have a great rest of the weekend, & may you have happiness & balance! Ankh, wedja, seneb! - Neter Supreme 

Friday, December 6, 2013


DuaU Great Ancestor! You came to this planet to do very important & great things, & this YOU DID! We are grateful for, & humbled by the way you chose to exist during your journey here. You were not just a Great Leader for our S. Afrikan family, but you were a Great Leader for this ailing world. Indeed you were a Global Baba Spirit, & one from whom I learned many of things! I celebrate your journey into the Realm Of Thee Ancestors, & until I myself make that journey, you will live on in my Heart & Soul, & in every beat of my drums! Madiba ASHE! Madiba ASHE! MADIBA ASHE!!!! - Neter Supreme