Friday, December 26, 2014

Neter Supreme Dec. 25th S.O.T.S. Marathon: TRACKLISTING

01/ Selan & Louis Benedetti / Reflection (Main) / Soulshine
02/ DJ Msega & Black Motion / Cosmic Dust (Retouch Floor Mix) / ?
03/ Jennifer Hudson / It's Your World (Neter's Drum Vox Edit) / Promo
04/ Brandon Delagraentiss / Thank You (Neter's DuaU Mix) / Original Drum Hsi Promo
05/ Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith / Latch (Neter's Galactic Key Repro.) / Promo
06/ DJ Spen Ft. Tracy Hamlin / Thanks To You (Ext. LP Mix) / Quantize
07/ Jersey Maestro's Ft. Kim Beacham / Let's Talk About Love (Neter's Summer '77 Mix) / Promo
08/ Giulio Bonaccio Ft. David Walker & Melonie Daniels / Love / ?
09/ Karen Harding / Say Something (Wookie Rmx) / ?
10/ Tracy Brathwaite / Loyalty (Honeycomb Vox) / Honeycomb
11/ Avery Sunshine / Call My Name (DJ Kemit & Luke Austin Rmx) / ?
12/ Twisted Mind Ft. Matoz & Liliana Almeida / Dancing Trumps /Epoque
13/ Curbur Ft. Zano / Brand New Me / Soulcandi
14/ Black Motion / That Song (Tribute To Kwani Experience) / Kalawa Jazmee
15/ A Tribe Called Red / Look At This / Electric Pow-Wow Promo
16/ Jackie Queens / Conqueror (Enoo Napa Opaque Mix) / Iklwa Promo
17/ K.O.T. Ft. April / I Need To Love (XtetiQsoul Iklwa Dance Mix) / Promo
18/ Nastee Nev Ft. Cei Bei / The Thanks I Get / House Afrika
19/ Blistic Soul / Comfort Zone / Original Drum Hsi Promo
20/ Ron Trent Pres. TKuma Sadeek / In Time / Future Vision (Vinyl Only)
21/ ZolaEmoBoys / Happy Feelings (Original) / Promo
22/ Neter Supreme / Starless / Original Drum Hsi
23/ Vivian Green / When Can I See You Again (Neter's Made It Happen Repro.) / Promo
24/ Neter Supreme / Amatongo (Album Version) / Khali Rec. SA ~ Original Drum Hsi
25/ Black Motion Ft. Xoli M / Rainbow / Kalawa Jazmee
26/ Eltonnick Ft. Zaki Ibrahim / Firefly (Enoo Napa Opaque Mix) / Promo
27/ Monoclez & Slezz Ft. Sacred Soul & Thandeka / Truly (Original) / Skalla
28/ Tobascosozz Ft. Ayanda Jiya / Love Supreme (Gemini Boys Deep Interpretation) / Think House
29/ Myles Bigelow / Higher Frequency / A-Typical-Dopeness (Vinyl Only)
30/ UnnaYanaa / Eru Maliye / A-Typical-Dopeness (Vinyl Only)
31/ Lady X / Loving You (Black Motion Mix) / Promo
32/ MSK & DJ Tea Ft. Dave / Nomperere (Djeff Afrozilla Private Mix) / Promo
33/ King P Ft. Carryn Kramer / I Wish / Promo
34/ Thee Gobbs Ft. Tsholo / The Love (Atjazz Floor Dub) / Atjazz
35/ Neter Supreme / The Reminder (Acapella) / Original Drum Hsi Promo
36/ Bucie / Can Get It / Demor Music
37/ Black Motion Ft. Xoli M / It's So Hard / Promo
38/ Unknown / Reach Out (Touch Me) / Unknown
39/ Culoe De Song / Y.O.U.D. (Original) / Innervisions
40/ Ancestral Vybes Ft. Kaysoul / Hey Baby (Main) / Original Drum Hsi Promo
41/ Mr. Raoul K / Dounougnan Magni (Chap. 3) (Simbad Suite Mix) / Baobab
42/ Siji / Children Of The Sun (Yoruba Soul Rmx) / IVY Rec.
43/ Bleu IBrah / Carpinus Betulus / Promo
44/ Ralf Gum Ft. KB / My Angel / GoGo
45/ Sheldon So Goode / Where U R (Ntr-A-Pella Edit) / Promo
46/ Soulful Session Ft. Natasha Watts / So High (Neter Supreme Soul Lift Mix) / Tony Rec.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Sat. Dec. 20th 2014
Join us as we celebrate the start of another S.O. (Standard Orbit) around the core star of this solar system.
We will be blasting off with some of The Underverse Sanctuary family at the controls starting at 10am Eastern Standard Time.
You can tune into the live broadcast here on the blog: In the upper right corner you will see the ustream player, where you can just listen, or if you'd like to sign into chat, you can do that as well.
You can also tune into the live broadcast via The Underverse Sanctuary Ustream page.
Here is the link for that:

We wish you all a happy holiday, whatever it is you recognize during the season.
Most of all, we hope you all will remember that we are all on the same planet together, & that includes every last reality of Nature.
As realities of Eternity, we must remember that division between one being from another will surely lead to utter destruction & unhappiness in our existence.
KNOWLEDGE OF SELF is thee only way to come back into the harmony of the Cosmos.
KNOW THYSELF family! Have a Happy Holiday!

Releases Now Available & Coming Soon on Original Drum Hsi (Label)


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Original Drum Hsi / Neter Supreme - Mid-summer '14 label updates & current events

Neter Supreme - Khui (The Album) OUT AUG. 25TH on Khali Recordings.

Neter Supreme - Khui / 2014 Original Drum Hsi (G)
2014 Khali Recordings (S. Africa)

Under exclusive license from Original Drum Hsi (G)
(US) Publishing & Copyright:
2014 Original Drum Hsi (G) / 2014 Nee-Tah Link Lyric (G)
All works recorded at TANASETAKU TEMPLE (Galactic Mut System)

The wait is OVER! Neter Supreme unleashes his full album "Khui" on Khali Recordings S. Africa!
When asked about this work, Neter replies: "Regarding my purpose on this planet; this work is very important & close to my heart, & I am thoroughly satisfied with its initial release being on my brother & good friends label (Veja Vee Khali / Khali Recordings). It has been some worldly time in the conjuring of this work, but nothing balanced is ever rushed, & I simply got deep into the entire kineticism of it all."Neter has fully utilized his ability to get that "kineticism" through in each composition on the album.

Imbedded with many shades & styles of Neter's musical aptitude, the positive frequencies of "Khui" are MASSIVE! From the immense amount of percussions & chants on pieces like "Cosmic Communion", "Amatongo" & "Primordial Mitochondria", to the soulful chords & produced vocals on "Music Is Everything" & "Galaktik Law", this work is fully loaded with energy & frequencies that will feed the spirit as well as the soul, without any doubt.
The overall tone of "Khui" is balance, harmony, healing & peace… & as these are the primary offerings from Neter, he hopes they will be received by all who will take the journey.DuaU (Much gratitude),Original Drum Hsi

Neter's dua (gratitude) to the following: Mut-Net-Jed & all that is balanced & knowing what it is. To all Aku spirits who took part in the bringing forth of this album. My entire abt (too many of you to name), Mut i, K-Boy, Rated M (without your aid, this album wouldn't have been done), Veja Vee Khali (I told you I'd get you something for the label… is this enough? =) ), Matt-Ski, Sagi Haber, Rick Shaw & Pat Mclain (Flipgroove), Jaqueline Kemp, Ron Horton, Rafael & Rosa Sanchez, David A. Tobin, Willy Washington, Leslie "Jazmina" Oliver, Mut Rkhty Amen, Claude Williams, Patreese Murphy, My sennu who are in The Realm Of The Aku: Kevin "Kevy Kev" McRae, Lord P, Talipharoah (Risen In Peace), Ben Johnson, Ahmed Davis, Zeb Jones, Dave Kennedy (Raw Organic), Lebohang Mohlaloha (my boetz'), Xolani Dlamini & Vusi Chirwa (Alpha & Olmega), Phila Dlamini & Maugrabins Progetto, Philoh Dlamini (Blistic Soul) & Sons Of Soul, DJ SassyAzz, Tronicsole & JoeKingSA (Keys In Space), XtetiqSoul, Ancestral Vybes & the entire Iklwa Bros. family, Fatso Bones, Sandile "DeeJayMizz SA", DJ Casiolars & Soweto Funk, Bonginkosi Khumalo & BGK Ent., Ibrahim Bou, Jon Pierce, Jared "J-Cot-Society" Cotton, Chuck Moore, Shino Blackk, Dave Montoya (Modern Soul Radio), DJ TommyToonz (Cali Deep), Carolyn Byrd, Tony Humphries, Robbi NYPromoter, Terry Hunter, Culoe De Song, Rick Vereen, Han Ruizhi, Michael Fossati (SpiritOfHouse), DJ Future Gadgets, Andrew Marriott, & to all who support my artistry!

Special dua (gratitude) to the following for their aid with "Music Is Everything": Veja, George EnergySoul, Jay Lobo, The staff at Fortune Garden, Sophia, Angie B & Louis, Demor Sikhosana, Lebo', Sagi, Imani Vereen, Phila & Casiolars.


01 The Reminder (Planetary Purpose Mix):
Written by Neter Supreme / Nee-Tah Link Lyric (G)
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Drums, Orchestration, Marimba: Neter Supreme
Spoken Vocal: Neter Supreme
Chants: Tasetian, Almek, Woodabe, Massai, Ghanaian, N. Cree, Congo, Zulu
02 Amatongo (Aku Realm Mix)
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Drums, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Didgeridoo's: Palawa Spirits
Kudu: Ethiopian
Chants: Zulu
03 Cosmic Communion:
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Vocals: Jazmina (Jazmina appears courtesy of WillTrix Prod.)
Chants: Pgymy, Yoruba
04 Music Is Everything (Universal Energy Mix Vox):
Written by Neter Supreme / Nee-Tah Link Lyric (G)
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Lead & Backing Vocals: Neter Supreme
05 Nehtarial's Dance (Taseti Range Mix):
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Kaval/Uill Concept: Neter Supreme
06 Primordial Mitochondria (Khui Elements Mix):
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Drums, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Chants: Massai, Ghanaian, Zulu
07 Galaktik Law (Album Version):
Written by Neter Supreme / Nee-Tah Link Lyric (G)
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Drums, Keys, Orchestration,: Neter Supreme
Lead & Backing Vocals: Neter Supreme
Timbila/Sanxian Concept: Neter Supreme
08 Taweh & The Tree Fae (Blackness Pass):
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
09 Make It Count (Mut Em Pet Instr.):
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
10 Primordial Mitochondria (Khui Land Bonus Drum Pass):
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Drums, Additional Djembe: Neter Supreme
Chants: Massai, Ghanaian, Zulu


ODH-S-0014: Neter - Love Is (Flipgroove Remixes)
Original Drum Hsi (G)
1. Love Is (Flipgroove Repro. Main Vox) (QM9ET1400006)
2. Love Is (Flipgroove Repro. Main Instr.) (QM9ET1400007)
3. Love Is (Flipgroove Beat Up Mix) (QM9ET1400008)
4. Love Is (Flipgroove Spoken Dub) (QM9ET1400009)
5. Love Is (Flipgroove Hum Drumz Dub) (QM9ET1400010)
6. Love Is (Rick Shaw Repro. Vox) (QM9ET1400011)
7. Love Is (Rick Shaw Repro. Instr.) (QM9ET1400012)
8. Love Is (Flipgroove Bonus Drumz) (QM9ET1400013)
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8: Reproduction by Rick Shaw & Pat Mclain
for FLIPGROOVE Prod. ©2014
Programming, Drums & Orchestration: Rick Shaw
Keys, Bass, & Orchestration: Pat Mclain
Tracks 1 & 2: Additional Keys: Neter Supreme
Tracks 5 & 6: Reproduction by Rick Shaw
Lead & Backing Vocals: Neter
Written by Neter Supreme / Nee-Tah Link Lyric (G)
All tracks Mastered by Neter Supreme for ORIGINAL DRUM HSI (G)
Flipgroove Prod. © 2014
Original Drum Hsi (G) 2014
Release Date: 2014-06-21

Saturday, June 7, 2014



Neter returns with some serious depth-charge! This 5 cut whyppah' comes with power & might, from Ancestral vibrations, to soulful house styles… to pass this up would be like passing up a chance to ride on the Galactic Mutship!  DON'T SLEEP!

1. Tidal Force (Galactic Occupancy Mix)
2. Starless (Galactic Core Mix)*
3. Starless (Galaxstramental)*
4. Ka Maat Ankh Seneb (Omniversal Matter Main)
5. Ka Maat Ankh Seneb (Omniversal Matter Drumstramental)

Tracks 1-5: All keys, orchestration, drums & programming by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Recorded at Tanasetaku Temple (Galactic Mut System)
*Contains samples from the following:
"This Empty Place" (B. Bacharach/H.David) Performed by Dionne Warwick
"Thinking About You" (Kashif/Lala) Performed by Whitney Houston
"Come Back" (G. Tutalo) Performed by Donna Montgomery


Veja Vee Khali (Khali Recordings / S. Africa)
"Neter, boeti (Brother), I really love the "Ka Maat Ankh Seneb EP!" Dope release there! This is for the dance floor trust me Neter, & my favorites are... 
Starless (Galactic Core Mix) 
Starless (Galaxstramental) & also Tidal Force (Galactic Occupancy Mix)

XtetiQsoul (Iklwa Brothers / S. Africa)
"Its Awesome bro! African feel to it… it's certainly going to be a successful one in the afro/tribal genre. KEEP DRUMMING"

George EnergySoul (Athanasiadis / Greece)
"Quality package!
All 3 tracks give so much energy & feeling. "Tidal Force"; perfect for after hours!
Neter knows the way of KEEPING THE VIBE ALIVE!"

Michael Fossatti ( / Z├╝rich, Switzerland)
"Neter Supreme's "Ka Maat Ankh Seneb" five track EP is a truly remarkable release taking you on an exhilarating journey to galactic deep house grounds you didn't know existed before. The deep, utterly spell binding rhythms combined with mesmerizing atmospheric synth melodies, sublime jazzy keys, enticing vocals & chants are guaranteed to cause a stir!"

Carl Dupree (Phuture Sole Recordings / NJ, US)
"Ka Maat Ankh Seneb
(Omniversal Matter Drumstramental)
is smoking!!!!
I will definitely be  rocking this joint!!!"

Phil Petro (Maugrabins Progetto / S. Africa)"Ka Maat Ankh Seneb (Omniversal Matter Mix Main)0:00 - 2:19... Firstly the sound of the bongo is hectic, I love it! It brings back the Africans dead souls into earth again so that they can experience the sound of the bongo!.I would relate this one to a missing young boy who has found himself in the bushes.  Whereby he takes on a journey to find his way back home, but along the way he starts to miss home - 2:19 - 2:50... This is presented by the melodic piano.2:50 - 3:21... He soon realizes that missing home would not do him any better, but rather trying to find his way back will do him good.3:21 - 5:25... Now while finding his way home, he meets new friends, he meets new people whom he grows fond of & they become close to his heart & they're like family to him. The melodic piano, the flute, marimba, voices & a bit of those shakers, haha!- Flawless boeti! Loved how you combined them, its layout is superb! I love this! 5:25 - 6:43... Now the boy finds himself where started but with relief, he finds his way back home! This tune boeti, is Music That Deserves To Be Heard (The World Show With Nicky B, Kaya Fm) Surely you remember the radio show... LoL! I Love this tune!!!Starless (Galactic Core Mix)Massive one this is!!What I like about it, is that it has so much soul in it, it even allows you to use the sounds you've used right there... Love the melodies you've come up with & yet with different instruments! The way you used those vocals, haha you remind me of Lazy Les (member of The Maugrabin) when we're in studio, simplicity is what yal specializes in, in laying out those vocals! And yet simplicity posses to be a difficulty to others!This is some unusual sh@t lol!! This some HOT sh@t!! This track is soulful in its own way!! I love it!!This is music that deserves to be heard no matter what!!"David Montoya (Modern Soul Radio / California US)"It only took a second to grab my attention. Tons of attention to musicality in each track. This EP is pure power and way too hot to pass up."

Sagi Haber (Serious Beats / Tel Aviv, Israel)
"Ka Maat Ankh Seneb is a timeless journey to the ancestral period when nature & music were one. Drop the dub, & then the main & you are on your way back to the future.
Starless is hypnotic like a magician on stage taking you to wonderland & all you can do is surrender.
With "Tidal Force" you can build tension & take your crowd to another level. The violins will have you close your eyes & fly away while the beat keeps you grounded and dancing, It's lift off time".

Mattski (Producer/DJ / San Francisco, CA)
"Ka Maat Ankh Seneb (Omniversal Matter Mix Main)
Dope one, the build up and the chanting in the background are dope so is break down. So much going on its like a movie lol.

Ka Maat Ankh Seneb (Omniversal Matter Drumstramental)
My shyt right there dude. I'm all Bsides & The Drum work is insaine!

Starless (Galactic Core Mix) & Starless (Galaxstramental)
STRAIGHT UP BBOY MADNESS! My favorite on the EP. Those fucken' horns! (Conan the Barbarian Galactic BBOY SAND DUNE MADNESS!)

Tidal Force (Galactic Occupancy Mix)
So dope, The fucken horns on this are ILL too! -- damn! Those fuckin insane vocals in the background, Galactic Chants are insane.
Next level shyt right here dude I will say this-  WAY TOO ADVANCED FOR THE MASSES THATZ FOR SURE!!!!!!"

Tronicsole (Joyful Noise Recordings / S. Africa)
"EP sounding great. Big shout for delivering a groovy release!"

Soul-Fortune (Production Team / S. Africa)
"Ka Maat Ankh Seneb EP… SPLENDID!!!"

SassyAzz (Sultry Seduction Mixes / NJ, US)
Whew! Totally in love with this track. Its rhythmic groove enticed me from the first few beats. This track is HARD HITTING, but yet has the sultry flow I love. The vocals compact in length, subtle, but POWERFUL! -- Gave me goose bumps when they came in.THIS TRACK IS UNMITIGATED JEDI MATERIAL! - & definitely a "SASSY TRACK" mi Neter! LOVE IT, & YOU KNOW I WILL BE ROCKING IT!"

DJ Rated M (Empire Of House Prod. / NJ, US)
"Neter Supreme comes through with yet another masterpiece! No disappointment! "Ka Maat Ankh Seneb" (my favorite on the EP) gives a strong praise to the motherland. It has strong chants along with pulsating drums & clever bells throughout the track. "Tidal Force" starts off with a futuristic vibe & then is met with some keys that remind me of Giorgio Moroder. He then comes through with a joint called “Starless”. He has an infectious bass line running through the track while adding ad-libs in it that have a classic 90’s feel to it. This EP will definitely heat up the dance floors so I suggest that you get on the grind and cop this immediately!" 

Friday, February 7, 2014


Join us for an all day event, featuring nothing but absolute great, great music from the 70's.
From disco, funk, soul & soft rock... this will be a day full of music that has stood the test of time.
Hope to see you there. As always, you can peep the show here on the blog, or on the ustream channel.

Hetepu whyt! (Peace/satisfaction family)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Underverse Sanctuary Ft. Neter Supreme (New Year Set) TRACKLISTING 2014/01/01

Underverse Sanctuary Ft. Neter Supreme
(New Year Set) 2014/01/01

01 Black Coffee & Black Motion - In Da Jungle (Black G Souls Survival Rmx Beatz) / CDR
02 Deep City Central Ft. Nina Provencal - Come On Back (Original) / Anarchy Music
03 Blistic Soul - Deep Voyage (Original) / CDR
04 Santos - Amante (Yoruba Suite Mix) / Yoruba Rec.
05 Lem Springsteen Ft. Jamelle J. - Selfish Lover (Soulful House Instr.) / Urban Lounge Music
06 Lem Springsteen Ft. Jamelle J. - Selfish Lover (Soulful House Vox) / Urban Lounge Music
07 Neter Supreme - i-Netch Hrak Neteru (7" Demo) / Original Drum Hsi CDR
08 Deep Xscape Ft. Hope Jaman - Undiyenza Ntoni (Original) / Soul Candi Rec.
09 NaakMusiQ - What Have You Done / Baainar Music
10 Zano - Unconditional / CDR
11 Vivian (Neter Supreme Instr.) (7" Demo) / CDR
12 Vivian (Neter Supreme Vox) (7" Demo) / CDR
13 Neter Supreme - VY Canis Majoris (Solar Mass Mix) (7" Demo) / CDR
14 Museri - Uthando Lwami (Original) / Msayibo Music
15 Mr. O Ft. The Layders - It's Your World (Original) / Trumuzik Media
16 Spilulu Ft. Evil - Tusha Kulewa (Afrikan Roots Rmx) / Nulu Rec.
17 Neter Supreme - Untitled (7" Demo) / CDR
18 Trinidad Senolia - Sacre Sucre (Sacred Sugar) / Yoruba Rec.
18 Jerah Ft. Oluhle - Hurombo (Original) / CDR
19 Cuebur - No Doubt (Shlomi Aber Rmx) / Defected
20 Blistic Soul - Just Wonder / CDR
21 Quetzal Guerrero - Rumba A Yemoja / Yoruba Rec.
22 Zara McFarlane Ft. Leron Thomas - Angie La La (Yoruba Soul Dub) / Brownswood Rec. CDR
23 Zara McFarlane Ft. Leron Thomas - Angie La La (Yoruba Soul Vox) / Brownswood Rec. CDR
24 DJ Fale & Free - Get Things Right (Original) / Hood Natives
25 Mr. O Ft. Tee Pee - It Must Be Love (Original) / Trumuzik Media
26 Citizen Deep - Kunta Kinte (Main) / Audio Jazz Rec.
27 Jas Music Ft. Patricia Edwards - When You Fall In Love (Original) / Touch Africa Music
29 DJ Smuck Ft. Ivan Alekxei & Gari Sinedima - Kamutupu (Original) / CDR
30 Happy - For Your Love (Original) / Dreamer Music
31 Marubini Musiq Ft. Sio Blackwidow - Dance After 12 (Pablo Martinez Rmx) / FOMP Rec.
32 Mr. O Ft. Letang - Owami (Original) / Trumuzik Media
33 Paso Doble Ft. Ade Alafia & Andyboi - Shadow Of Dreams (Maugrabins Progetto's Ancestrale Zabu Mix) / CDR
34 Maugrabins Progetto - The Italian Dance (Main) / Original Drum Hsi CDR
35 Culoe De Song Ft. Shota - Ma Afrika / Soulistic Music
36 Neter - Love Is (Quantum Realm Dub Vox) / Original Drum Hsi
37 Neter - Love Is (Quantum Realm Tet-Dubbah') / Original Drum Hsi
38 Osunlade - Human Beings (Atjazz Rmx) / Yoruba Rec.
40 Zo Ft. Eric Robertson - We Are On The Move (David Montoya Edit) / CDR
41 Soul Of Earth Ft. Caron Wheeler - Living In Your World / CDR
42 Trinidad Senolia - Sacre Sucre (Sacred Sugar) / Yoruba Rec.
43 Hugh Masekla (Mistress & Students) - Goodbye

Underverse Sanctuary Ft. Neter Supreme (New Year CLASSX SET) TRACKLISTING 2014/01/01

Underverse Sanctuary Ft. Neter Supreme
(New Year CLASSX SET) 2014/01/01

01 The Spinners - I've Got To Make It On My Own
02 Rick James - Big Time
03 Chic - I Feel Your Love Comin' On (Dimitri From Paris Rmx)
04 Modern Romance - Salsa Rappsody (Dub Discomix)
05 Unknown - Let's Get Started (Jean Claude Gavri Re Edit)
06 Double Exposure - Ice Cold Love (Bobby Spice Edit)
07 DJ Harvey - Love Is Everything
08 The Paper Dolls - Get Down Boy (12'' Instr.)
09 Teri De Sario - Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You
10 Brass Construction - Sambo (Jean Claude Gavri Re-Construction)
11 High Inergy - Devotion (Neter Edit)
12 Mandrill - Dance Of Love
13 The Spinners - I'm Gonna' Getcha'
14 Rena Scott - Super Lover
15 Freda Payne - Red Hot (Pied Piper Serious Regroove 2012)
16 The Trammps - Love Insurance Policy (Pied Piper Jam Specific Regroove)
17 Esther Phillips - 
18 Santana - Soul Sacrifice (Pied Piper Regroove)

Underverse Sanctuary Ft. Neter Supreme TRACKLISTING 2013/12/14

Underverse Sanctuary Ft. Neter Supreme 2013/12/14

01 Culoe De Song Ft. Ternielle Nelson - He's Not Ready / Soulistic Music
02 Neter - Love Is (Acappella) / Original Drum Hsi CDR
03 Neter Supreme - Untitled (Demo) / Original Drum Hsi CDR
04 Jerah Ft. Oluhle - Hurombo (Original) / CDR 
05 Sole Fusion - Chosen Path (Trance Mix) / Strictly Rhythm Rec.
06 Soul II Soul - Back To Life (M.A.W. House Mix) / Virgin Rec.
07 DJ Oji & Joi Cardwell - One Wish / King Street Rec.
08 Mike Delgado - The Latino Way (I Can Feel It) / Release The Groove Rec.
09 DJ Spen - Disco Dreams / CDR
10 Royal House - I'll Do Anything (Tee's Unreleased 12" Mix) / TNT Rec.
11 Imaje - Celebrate / Movin' Rec.
12 Sybil - Oh How I Love You (V.S. Unreleased) / CDR
13 Cristian Vinci - Recuerdo (Original) / Vida Rec.
14 Trinidad Senolia - Sacre Sucre (Sacred Sugar) / Yoruba Rec.
15 Havana Cultura Band Ft. Dreiser Sexto Sentido / Orisa (Atjazz Love Soul Rmx) - Yoruba rec.
16 Havana Cultura Band Ft. Dreiser Sexto Sentido / Orisa (Atjazz Astro Dub) - Yoruba rec.
17 Mister Diba Ft. WonderBoyz - Afro Mambo Djambo / CDR
18 Comet - Candombl / CDR
19 Lem Springsteen Ft. Jamelle J. - Take Me Away / Urban Lounge Music
20 Soulful Session Ft. Leanne - My Baby (Original) / Tony Rec.
21 Happy - For Ever & Always (Original) / Dreamer Music
22 Toto Chiavetta - Percussion Suite / Yoruba Rec.
23 Gisele Jackson - Love Commandments (Neter's Beatz Edit) / CDR
24 Jazmina - Rescue Me (Luv City Demo A Pt. 2) / CDR
25 Gisele Jackson - Love Commandments (Original Vox) / Waako Rec.
26 At One - Uno Gara / Yoruba Rec.
27 Culoe De Song Ft. Shota - Ma Afrika / Soulistic Rec.
28 Deep Xscape Ft. Oscar - Do U Know (Original) / Soul Candi Music
29 Curramberos De Gamero - LaPrena (Yoruba Soul Mix) / Yoruba Rec.
30 Osunlade - Dionne (Original) / Yoruba Rec.
31 Donso - Diya / CDR
32 Roberto Fonseca - Rezando (Michael Cleis Rmx) / Yoruba Rec.
33 Osunlade - Human Beings (Atjazz Rmx) / Yoruba Rec.
34 Rocco Ft. EL - My Love (Original) / House Afrika Rec.
35 Soul Varti Ft. Tantra Zawadi - Jazzy Nights (For Jayne Cortez) (Betasweet Tribute To Velile Mix) / Peng Africa
36 Veja Vee Khali - Aquarius (Neter Supreme Cozmik Fluidz Mix) / Original Drum Hsi ~ Khali Rec.
38 Nina Provencal - Soul Saviour (Bang The Drum Instr.) / Makin' Moves Rec.
39 Nina Provencal - Soul Saviour (Bang The Drum Vox) / Makin' Moves Rec.
40 Deep Xscape Ft. O-So-T - Where You Are (Original) / Soul Candi Music
41 Afronature - The Drum In Me (Afronature's Constant Reminder) / Unknown
42 Black Coffee & Black Motion - In Da' Jungle / CDR
43 Rocco Ft. Kaylow - What About (Original) / House Afrika Music
44 Tracy Hamlin - Free (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Rmx) / Quantize Rec.
45 Uhuru - Kamarulisele / Kalawa Jazmee Music
46 Da Capo Ft. Ceezona & Resh - I Choose To Stay (Vox Edit) / DNH
47 DJ Kent Ft. Lolo - We Were Meant To Be (StarBlack Meropa Experience) / Soul Candi Blue Music
48 Chez N Trent - The Choice (Unreleased) / Prescription Rec.
49 Culoe De Song Ft. Khanyo Maphumul - Isondo / Soulistic Rec.
50 Neter Supreme - Quantum Gnosis (The Neter Supreme Anthem) (7" Demo) / Original Drum Hsi CDR
51 Neter Supreme - Galaktik Tantra (Duality Mix) (7" Demo) / Original Drum Hsi CDR
52 Hugh Masekla (Mistress & Students) - Goodbye