Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New label T-Shirts!

Just started working on designs for a 2013 label T-Shirt. I will post some of the ideas to get your feedback soon. If you have any ideas on what you'd want in regard to styles, let me know.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Original Drum Hsi - Unreleased Proj. Vol. 1

Direct from the Original Drum Hsi Ark!, we bring you more power & energy to keep your soul soaring free! The “Original Drum Hsi Unreleased Proj. Vol. 1” EP is packed with kinetic rhythms & instrumentation from start to finish. Always with spiritual welfare being the most important reality, Neter Supreme is unyielding in conjuring works that give one a path to higher realms of consciousness through Hsi (music). With the Ancestral Foundations heard in “Drum Path”, “As Above, So Below”, & “Skinz In Ritualz”, to the Hip-Hop elements & tones heard in “The Battle Dubber” & “Wormholin'”, a serious music lover, dancer, or DJ cannot go wrong! As always, it is our desire to see change in the world, & through our music we offer our hand in the process. We hope you will enjoy this release, & we hope you will dance to it. DuaU (much gratitude).