Saturday, June 7, 2014



Neter returns with some serious depth-charge! This 5 cut whyppah' comes with power & might, from Ancestral vibrations, to soulful house styles… to pass this up would be like passing up a chance to ride on the Galactic Mutship!  DON'T SLEEP!

1. Tidal Force (Galactic Occupancy Mix)
2. Starless (Galactic Core Mix)*
3. Starless (Galaxstramental)*
4. Ka Maat Ankh Seneb (Omniversal Matter Main)
5. Ka Maat Ankh Seneb (Omniversal Matter Drumstramental)

Tracks 1-5: All keys, orchestration, drums & programming by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Recorded at Tanasetaku Temple (Galactic Mut System)
*Contains samples from the following:
"This Empty Place" (B. Bacharach/H.David) Performed by Dionne Warwick
"Thinking About You" (Kashif/Lala) Performed by Whitney Houston
"Come Back" (G. Tutalo) Performed by Donna Montgomery


Veja Vee Khali (Khali Recordings / S. Africa)
"Neter, boeti (Brother), I really love the "Ka Maat Ankh Seneb EP!" Dope release there! This is for the dance floor trust me Neter, & my favorites are... 
Starless (Galactic Core Mix) 
Starless (Galaxstramental) & also Tidal Force (Galactic Occupancy Mix)

XtetiQsoul (Iklwa Brothers / S. Africa)
"Its Awesome bro! African feel to it… it's certainly going to be a successful one in the afro/tribal genre. KEEP DRUMMING"

George EnergySoul (Athanasiadis / Greece)
"Quality package!
All 3 tracks give so much energy & feeling. "Tidal Force"; perfect for after hours!
Neter knows the way of KEEPING THE VIBE ALIVE!"

Michael Fossatti ( / Z├╝rich, Switzerland)
"Neter Supreme's "Ka Maat Ankh Seneb" five track EP is a truly remarkable release taking you on an exhilarating journey to galactic deep house grounds you didn't know existed before. The deep, utterly spell binding rhythms combined with mesmerizing atmospheric synth melodies, sublime jazzy keys, enticing vocals & chants are guaranteed to cause a stir!"

Carl Dupree (Phuture Sole Recordings / NJ, US)
"Ka Maat Ankh Seneb
(Omniversal Matter Drumstramental)
is smoking!!!!
I will definitely be  rocking this joint!!!"

Phil Petro (Maugrabins Progetto / S. Africa)"Ka Maat Ankh Seneb (Omniversal Matter Mix Main)0:00 - 2:19... Firstly the sound of the bongo is hectic, I love it! It brings back the Africans dead souls into earth again so that they can experience the sound of the bongo!.I would relate this one to a missing young boy who has found himself in the bushes.  Whereby he takes on a journey to find his way back home, but along the way he starts to miss home - 2:19 - 2:50... This is presented by the melodic piano.2:50 - 3:21... He soon realizes that missing home would not do him any better, but rather trying to find his way back will do him good.3:21 - 5:25... Now while finding his way home, he meets new friends, he meets new people whom he grows fond of & they become close to his heart & they're like family to him. The melodic piano, the flute, marimba, voices & a bit of those shakers, haha!- Flawless boeti! Loved how you combined them, its layout is superb! I love this! 5:25 - 6:43... Now the boy finds himself where started but with relief, he finds his way back home! This tune boeti, is Music That Deserves To Be Heard (The World Show With Nicky B, Kaya Fm) Surely you remember the radio show... LoL! I Love this tune!!!Starless (Galactic Core Mix)Massive one this is!!What I like about it, is that it has so much soul in it, it even allows you to use the sounds you've used right there... Love the melodies you've come up with & yet with different instruments! The way you used those vocals, haha you remind me of Lazy Les (member of The Maugrabin) when we're in studio, simplicity is what yal specializes in, in laying out those vocals! And yet simplicity posses to be a difficulty to others!This is some unusual sh@t lol!! This some HOT sh@t!! This track is soulful in its own way!! I love it!!This is music that deserves to be heard no matter what!!"David Montoya (Modern Soul Radio / California US)"It only took a second to grab my attention. Tons of attention to musicality in each track. This EP is pure power and way too hot to pass up."

Sagi Haber (Serious Beats / Tel Aviv, Israel)
"Ka Maat Ankh Seneb is a timeless journey to the ancestral period when nature & music were one. Drop the dub, & then the main & you are on your way back to the future.
Starless is hypnotic like a magician on stage taking you to wonderland & all you can do is surrender.
With "Tidal Force" you can build tension & take your crowd to another level. The violins will have you close your eyes & fly away while the beat keeps you grounded and dancing, It's lift off time".

Mattski (Producer/DJ / San Francisco, CA)
"Ka Maat Ankh Seneb (Omniversal Matter Mix Main)
Dope one, the build up and the chanting in the background are dope so is break down. So much going on its like a movie lol.

Ka Maat Ankh Seneb (Omniversal Matter Drumstramental)
My shyt right there dude. I'm all Bsides & The Drum work is insaine!

Starless (Galactic Core Mix) & Starless (Galaxstramental)
STRAIGHT UP BBOY MADNESS! My favorite on the EP. Those fucken' horns! (Conan the Barbarian Galactic BBOY SAND DUNE MADNESS!)

Tidal Force (Galactic Occupancy Mix)
So dope, The fucken horns on this are ILL too! -- damn! Those fuckin insane vocals in the background, Galactic Chants are insane.
Next level shyt right here dude I will say this-  WAY TOO ADVANCED FOR THE MASSES THATZ FOR SURE!!!!!!"

Tronicsole (Joyful Noise Recordings / S. Africa)
"EP sounding great. Big shout for delivering a groovy release!"

Soul-Fortune (Production Team / S. Africa)
"Ka Maat Ankh Seneb EP… SPLENDID!!!"

SassyAzz (Sultry Seduction Mixes / NJ, US)
Whew! Totally in love with this track. Its rhythmic groove enticed me from the first few beats. This track is HARD HITTING, but yet has the sultry flow I love. The vocals compact in length, subtle, but POWERFUL! -- Gave me goose bumps when they came in.THIS TRACK IS UNMITIGATED JEDI MATERIAL! - & definitely a "SASSY TRACK" mi Neter! LOVE IT, & YOU KNOW I WILL BE ROCKING IT!"

DJ Rated M (Empire Of House Prod. / NJ, US)
"Neter Supreme comes through with yet another masterpiece! No disappointment! "Ka Maat Ankh Seneb" (my favorite on the EP) gives a strong praise to the motherland. It has strong chants along with pulsating drums & clever bells throughout the track. "Tidal Force" starts off with a futuristic vibe & then is met with some keys that remind me of Giorgio Moroder. He then comes through with a joint called “Starless”. He has an infectious bass line running through the track while adding ad-libs in it that have a classic 90’s feel to it. This EP will definitely heat up the dance floors so I suggest that you get on the grind and cop this immediately!"