Thursday, April 25, 2013

Veja Vee Khali - Aquarius OUT TODAY!!!!

The Unstoppable Veja returns! Back with his powerful vibration on full blast, Veja Vee Khali brings to you “Aquarius.” Right in-line, & on time with the dawning of “The Age Of Aquarius”, this composition calls to your true self in more ways than imaginable.

With this release Veja has pulled in the backing of many producers to get the vibe across! At reproduction command we have another O.D.H. Label partner, Dave Kennedy of “Raw Organic” & Sam Fullerton. These brothers have conjured 2 mixes full of pure musical magic. With strong percussive flow & deep orchestration, the Raw Organic & Sam Fullerton mixes are straight bangers from beginning to end.

Next up is Shino Blackk offering you the “Blackk Rub” mix. Under slamming hypnotic tones, Shino rocks out a massive percussive track that will take you on a journey to the inner-self; dancing the entire route there.

Also on reproduction, we have Matteo, coming to you straight out of Italy! Matteo's rendition of “Aquarius” takes you into the deeper levels of house; giving you in-depth chords, driving percussion & underlying tribal chants. Matteo leaves no stone uncovered in the offering of his “Sun Celebration Mix”.

Last up on reproduction is Neter Supreme with the “Coszmik Fluidz” mix. Covered in Eternal Galactic vibration, the “Cozmik Fluidz” mix is like treading upon the threshold of an Event Horizon! Neter conjures full orchestration, slamming percussion, guitar solos & what he calls voices of The Galactic Mermaids! This release is packed with Eternal Frequencies from start to finish. As we always say... Veja is UNSTOPPABLE! We are honored to offer you “Aquarius”, & we hope you will receive it in the manner in which it was built... ON POSITIVE & BALANCED ENERGY! Hetepu Family!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A much needed transmission from our Sen-Et Jannae Jordon

Jannae Jordon
(From her upcoming "I Am A Creator Project 2013)

You can keep up with Jannae on her website here,


Congratz to my young bhuti Philoh Dlamini, on his new release! Check on the wisdom of youth we are proud of! Keep raising up Philoh!!!!
Blistic Soul - Ancestors Reunion on Afro Rebel

Veja Vee Khali BURNIN' IT DOWN!!!!!

Veja Vee Khali BURNIN' IT DOWN!!!!! Nothing but kinetic power here! Great songs from start to finish. A set made for champions! Peep out the world premiere of our next release "Aquarius", coming THIS MONTH!

Champion Vibrations! Check out our Iklwa Family.

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