Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Check out "Realm Of The AlMek" Feature on jusvibe.com

DuaU (much gratitude) to Sen (Brother) "Blade Deep" for holding this effort up in his areas!!!! I honor you beloved, & I am humbled by your kindness & sharing freely of positive energy!


afrodesiamp3.com Officially Closing Dec. 31st

So we just got the word that as of Dec. 31st our beloved afrodesiamp3.com will be shutting down. 
I always advise you about the POLITRIX & "behind the curtains disruptive energy" that follows this music, & more importantly THIS VIBRATION! You will be able to get our back releases from afrodesiamp3.com until Dec. 31st.

This is regretful, but then wherever there is positive vibration & unity in doing business, there will be that which seeks to destroy it. We wear no wounds though, & will be totally available to you in the beginning of 2013. We will post our back-up as soon as it is secured. Keep checking the blog for updates.
DuaU (much gratitude) family! - Neter

Monday, December 17, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012


We are honored to offer you the 1st album of thee unstoppable Veja Vee Khali! Veja brings you “Rise Of The Afrikan Frequency”... his first album; full of absolute creativity & skill. Hailing out of Soweto, S. Afrika, Producer/DJ/Artist, Veja Vee Khali is the REAL THING when it comes to individual creativity & creative thought. “Rise Of The Afrikan Frequency” has 8 compositions featuring the many shades of Veja's musical talents & programming skill. Varying from Deep & Soulful, to Ancestral, “Rise Of The Afrikan Frequency” is packed with pure elevated vibrations.

This album is for all music lovers, as well as all souls who use music as a key tool in raising their spiritual vibration. A mandatory addition to all serious music libraries. This album has many positive vibrations, & Veja has left no areas uncovered! From the deep vybes of “Rise Again”, “The Nation”, “Love & Care”... the Ancestral, soulful healing energy in “Life Is A Special Thing” & “Elements Of Healing”, to the powerful flows of “Still Drum”, “Spiritual Elevation” & “Bring Da' beat Back”, this album is absolute power! We hope you will receive this offering & the balance that it comes with. ENJOY! DuaU (much gratitude).

Monday, December 10, 2012

Neter Supreme 9 hr. set from Dec. 8th - 9th. ENJOY!

Neter Supreme Dec. 8th Pt. 1

Neter Supreme Dec. 8th Pt. 2

Neter Supreme Dec. 8th Pt. 3

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sat. Dec. 8th - NETER SUPREME!

JOIN Neter as he takes you into the realms of positive vibration through music!

You can listen here on the blog via the player at the upper right corner, or you can listen & chat via the upstream link.

Neter Supreme Reproductions NOW AVAILABLE

The Unreleased Neter Supreme Remixes! Now available on traxsource.com >http://www.traxsource.com/index.php?act=show&fc=tpage&cr=titles&cv=193597#.ULxnuI930wA.facebook
There are also the Original Mixes available that Neter did here >http://www.traxsource.com/index.php?act=show&fc=tpage&cr=titles&cv=179388

Happy Holidays family!

So it is that time of year again!
This is the year where due so much speculation based on a "misunderstood" Mayan Prophecy... it has been said that doom for the planet is eminent. As an awaken soul on the planet, I'd like to share with you some basic information in regard to 2012, "The Mayan Prophecy", & the basic condition of this planet & its inhabitants at present.

First & foremost, if one was to actually seek primary resources to Knowledge they have yet to gain, there'd be a great chance for them to actually have UNDERSTANDING of a great many things. The Mayans, as in many of Civilizations before them, recorded history in cycles based on Cosmic time. They were a people who existed with Knowledge & Understanding of what most today call "The Heavens". By tracking the precessions of the Equinoxes & the precessions of the planets & stars; history & major events... stellar & planetary were accurately marked & recorded. The Mayans were Masters of Astronomy & Mathematics, but so were more Ancient Civilizations that preceded them. The main concern in regard to Dec. 21, 2012 being a day of global destruction, has come by way of people who have - it would seem - no understanding of The Mayan Calendar. It is true that Dec. 21, 2012 is an end to a cycle of The Mayan calendar, but there are many such "Cyclic End Marks" in the Mayan Calendar.

In understanding, one finds that in the Cosmic scope; that wheresoever there is an ending, there is also a BEGINNING! In Nature, NOTHING EVER ENDS! With that said, I will say that there is MUCH that needs to end concerning the human condition & what they have done, & are now doing to the planet they are on. There has never been a time recorded in history where there was a global amount of life on massive decline. Humans are presently in massive poverty... physically - but more importantly, spiritually.

War, poverty, sickness, disease, disorder, anger, hostility, distrust & hatred are but a few of the defining factors of the human condition of this day. Humans not only kill themselves, but in the process they are destroying their planet. Never before has there been a time where human children were destroyed in such great amounts. If humans actually believe that their children are their future, then they are surely destroying their future! As if the planet on which they exist were not a LIVING ORGANISM, humans show nothing but arrogance, disrespect & disregard to her. They pollute her incessantly, trashing the great oceans & soils she provides them. Their food, water & air are full of toxins that do not promote health & balance in their bodies. Due to a seemingly total detestation towards LEARNING, disrespect & disregard for life has become the norm for humans of this day. All of this goes against the BALANCE of the Cosmos, or rather the BALANCE OF NATURE! Everything is in a harmonious state except the human!

On Dec. 21, 2012, aligned along the Galactic Equator... will be the Earth, Its "Core Star, or "The Sun", & The Center of the Galaxy they are in; called "The Milky-Way". This Galactic Alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years, & was what The Ancient Maya were pointing to with the 2012 end-date of their "Long Count" calendar.

Just as all other stellar events have a direct effect on Planet Earth & its inhabitants, surely this will too. Be it an event of GALACTIC BALANCE, a lot of "new agers" are claiming that this event will start a new era of higher consciousness & an awakening of the souls. At this point the vibration of the human is so low that something HAS TO GIVE.
There is a such thing as a "Continuance Of Life" in regard to "after human death", but even in that reality there must be an awareness of ones position. That "awareness" must start NOW, while souls are still in the shell, or "human condition". Awareness will not begin while humans do not focus on considering their place in Eternity, & move about their lives as though they are exclusive in the Universe. Knowledge is KEY! - & more importantly, KNOWLEDGE OF SELF is mandatory if change & freedom will occur for a soul in bondage.

As it holds true for every Dec. Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth, the cycle of the "SUN" dies & is reborn: it is the opposite for inhabitants of the Southern Hemisphere, as Dec. 21st is the Summer Solstice there, & the days get shorter from that point. Whatever the case is, this all has to do with the relationship between the Sun & the Earth, & this is a time where humans can take advantage of a certain energy that they are directly related to, to bring about great change for themselves.

I hope you all will take advantage of this Dec. Solstice to begin the healing process, & to break free your souls from the suspended state of the human condition.
Happy Holidays to you & yours.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Neter Supreme 3 hr. set from "Season Of The Sun Kick Off" - ENJOY!

Neter Supreme - Realm Of The AlMek (REMIXES) NOW AVAILABLE

To Purchase this release, click on the following link: 

Taken from the O.D.H. Release; “Seq Tet Em Tuat EP”, “Realm Of The AlMek” is NOW REMIXED for the continuation of positive frequency. In this release, Neter offers 6 mixes of depth & balanced energy. In keeping with the Homage paid to The Nations Of The West on the original version, released on the “Seq Tet Em Tuat EP”; there is still the many chants & environmental elements in these mixes.

These mixes are the “orchestrated” versions of the composition. Neter has composed string, piano & bass arrangements, along with flutes & other added sounds on the remixes, to accentuate the kineticism of the song. These mixes are full of key vibration to unlock your spirit energy & allow you to dance your way into an elevated state of existence! As always, everything we offer from O.D.H., is extended in hopes that you will receive balance & positivity from it. Be ye 
NOT afraid to GET LIFTED WITH THIS! DuaU (much gratitude)

 Realm Of The AlMek (REMIXES)
Neter Supreme - Realm Of The AlMek (Wisdom Mix)
Neter Supreme - Realm Of The AlMek (Wisdom Drumz) 
Neter Supreme - Realm Of The AlMek (Her Web Mix) 
Neter Supreme - Realm Of The AlMek (Eternal Balance Mix)
Neter Supreme - Realm Of The AlMek (Galaktik Network Mix)
Neter Supreme - Realm Of The AlMek (Galaktik Network Drumz)

Friday, November 23, 2012

New promos from O.D.H. - Full release out Nov. 28th on afrodesiamp3.com


"Neter On Twitter Promo Series" 2nd offering, NOV. 28th!!!

2nd offering in the "Neter on Twitter" promo series. This drops Nov. 28th to all followers of Neter Supreme on twitter, & will be made available by direct link. If you're not following Neter Supreme on twitter, you will not be able to receive this & other mixes in the promo series.

You can follow Neter Supreme on twitter here > twitter.com ---- @NeterSupreme

Monday, October 22, 2012

Neter on twitter promo series begins OCT. 31st!

1st offering in the "Neter on Twitter" promo series. This drops Oct. 31st to all followers of Neter Supreme on twitter, & will be made available by direct link. If you're not following Neter Supreme on twitter, you will not be able to receive this & other mixes in the promo series.

You can follow Neter Supreme on twitter here > twitter.com ---- @NeterSupreme

Available Now!

Taken from the "ODH Unreleased Proj. Vol. 1" EP, out now on afrodesiamp3.com

Click to purchase

Now available!

Taken from the "ODH Unreleased Proj. Vol. 1" EP, out now on afrodesiamp3.com

Click to purchase

Coming soon out of South Afrika!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

All Saints Day Weekend MARATHON! Oct. 27th

With DJ's:
Dave Montoya
Andrew Marriott
Gee Velez
Dave Kennedy
Ahmed Davis
Veja Vee Khali
Neter Supreme

Also, we will hold another Marathon on Sat. Nov. 3rd.
Stay tuned for line-up.

Hope you will join us for another journey.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Identity (written by Neter Supreme)

In necromancy I have reclaimed the nectar of The Neters -
My existence is universal & its validity is read through ancient letters...
or rather - symbols --
For I parallel in brightness to that which shines 8.7 light years distant from this earth -
My identification matrix is 4-9-9-3...
from infinite structure I was received -
I entered through the celestial body of SHE

The relationship between I & what they call "The Creator", is not fiducial -
for when my cipher came forth from its mouth, my vision was clear & without blurr...
Yet again my birth was official -
I descended to extend wisdom -
I was risen in understanding - undisturbed.

From the land of crystal elements, I speak timeless words...
though spiritual breaths I take are silent,
for here I breathe amongst the wicked; whose ignorance of their death has made them angry, & nefariously violent

I am previous to this dimension -
I am in-front of "the past" -
ahead of all that exists... I am earlier than "before",
though I too can & will be found last ---- who am I, you ask? -

I am common to all principle, purpose & concept -
I am carbon, I emanate shadows...
within I, all keys are kept

I am S-U-N of Thee Preeminent -
surpassing mysticism -
to transcend is but a law of my being

I am not "Negro", "Negrito", "Negrillo", "Negress" or "Nigger",
than that I am higher - than that I am bigger - than that I am better...
for I am the very essence of Neter -
My nature is pure & of Thee Most High,
& of wisdom I AM begetter -
my scribe is eternally "Heaven Side"...

Who am I? --- I am "Divinely" IDENTIFIED.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New label T-Shirts!

Just started working on designs for a 2013 label T-Shirt. I will post some of the ideas to get your feedback soon. If you have any ideas on what you'd want in regard to styles, let me know.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Original Drum Hsi - Unreleased Proj. Vol. 1

Direct from the Original Drum Hsi Ark!, we bring you more power & energy to keep your soul soaring free! The “Original Drum Hsi Unreleased Proj. Vol. 1” EP is packed with kinetic rhythms & instrumentation from start to finish. Always with spiritual welfare being the most important reality, Neter Supreme is unyielding in conjuring works that give one a path to higher realms of consciousness through Hsi (music). With the Ancestral Foundations heard in “Drum Path”, “As Above, So Below”, & “Skinz In Ritualz”, to the Hip-Hop elements & tones heard in “The Battle Dubber” & “Wormholin'”, a serious music lover, dancer, or DJ cannot go wrong! As always, it is our desire to see change in the world, & through our music we offer our hand in the process. We hope you will enjoy this release, & we hope you will dance to it. DuaU (much gratitude).

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coming to your galaxy Sept. 2012

Coming to your galaxy Sept. 2012

New Neter Supreme Reproduction OUT NOW!


Written by Paul Scott and Keisha Hall. 

Re-Produced by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G). 
All Instrumentation & programing by Neter Supreme. 
Background vocals by Keisha Hall and Kenny Bobien. 
Release now available with Original BOP Mixes, & Mix Master Steve, DJ Fu/Club six Mixes, on BOP Recordings.
Released by: B.O.P. Records 
Release/catalogue number: BOP0014 
Release date: Aug 24, 2012 

Promotional Mix/Aug. 31st

Now available on the family gifts link under the header of this page. Enjoy, & ROCK IT OUT!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Neter Supreme / Jul. 16th Release

Neter Supreme unleashes his first installment on Original Drum Hsi with absolute Ancestral command! “Seq Tet Em Tuat” is Ancient Taseti / “Egyptian” language, also known as Mdu-Ntr, & it means “Journey Through The Underworld”. This EP is Neter's musical interpretation of the 1st movements of one such journey. The “Seq Tet Em Tuat EP” is complete magic! Neter gives you the keys to raise your vibration to higher states of consciousness in every composition! This EP includes potent instrumentation & orchestration, alongside massive chantings from Afrika to the Native Nations of the West.; all interlaced with the most serious of drum programming & what Neter calls “Eternal Rhythm”. The “Seq Tet Em Tuat EP” serves you 7 compositions of ritualistic might: 6 movements of aggressive flow, &... in the spirit of Maat (balance), 1 calming reprise. The “Seq Tet Em Tuat EP” has many elements of healing that a wise soul would prescribe for an ailing world. Neter Supreme simply asks that you receive this release in the manner in which it was conjured... Spiritually!

(Available Jul. 16th on index.php)

Veja Vee Khali / Jul. 16th Release

Veja Vee Khali, one of Soweto's hottest producers returns with his 2nd installment on Original Drum Hsi, entitled “Internal Rhythmz EP”. On this latest “Khali Recordings” masterpiece, Veja brings you 4 compositions of pure rhythmic depth & power! From the energetic flows of “Looking For Someone” & “Born & Raised”, to the driving vibrations of “Storytelling” & “One Shining Moment”; the “Internal Rhythmz EP” will not fail the DJ, the dancer, or the simple music lover. Original Drum his is honored to present Veja's magic once again. Do your soul a solid, & DANCE TO THIS! 

(Available Jul. 16th on index.php)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Coming Through Shortly.

Dropping Jul. 16th.

The Underverse Sanctuary RETURNS!!! - This Fri. - Sun.

We are finally back in your Galaxy!!!!
We are kicking off the the "Conjunction" season with an all weekend marathon. On the command bridge we have some of the Sanctuary family DJ's scheduled & locked in for some serious bang! It seems we've been away too long, but there has been much work being done in the absence of the show, & it all was with YOU in mind! We hope you will tune in for what will be an event full of AMAZING ENERGY, & all POSITIVE VIBRATION. Stay locked for the schedule, which will be posted here & on the Underverse Sanctuary Facebook group page, Thurs. Jul. 5th. We look forward to rejoin with you for frequencies of higher consciousness through Hsi (Music).
Hetepu We-Het! (Peace family)

Friday, April 27, 2012

New Neter Supreme EP, New Veja vee Khali EP, & new Flipgroove Ft. Jackie Kemp dropping in just a few weeks. Also, Foreign Exchange (Neter Supreme Remix) & O.D.H. Lable promos coming to the blog. Keep ya' energy up family... I gotcha' back. --- Neter

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Congratz to Commander SoleDj & Ontiretse

Sending supa' love & congratz to SoleDj (one of our strongest commanders of The Underverse Sanctuary), & his wife Ontiretse on the birth of their son. We love you family, & send nothing but positive vibrations to you.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quick Update

Anet Hrak Family! (Homage to you)
I hope this transmission finds you in balance & raising up into higher states of consciousness. I first want to extend my deepest gratitude for all of your support & patience in this time of production & preparations with the label. Because of this I had to put "The Underverse Sanctuary" netshow on hold for a few months. I've missed the show & all of the weekly listeners deeply, but no stress :D - the show will be back on the air in early April. There is also a special netshow with 2 close friends of mine in the works now, & that may take place sometime in Mar., but it is still all being sorted. Be on the lookout for 3 brand new Original Drum Hsi EP's set to drop in April, as well as Reproductions for other labels & artists. I can't unseal the Ark just yet, but hold on just a bit longer... it'll be worth the wait. I exist for you, & I cherish your sharing freely of balanced energy & positivity. Your receiving of our (O.D.H.) efforts is more than enough to keep us giving you our best. Dua! (gratitude) for your kindness & devotion. I look forward to a more in-depth travel with you this year!
Be well, & be CONSCIOUS!!!!
Ankh Wedja Seneb! (Life, Prosperity Health (spiritual))

Safe & Sound