Sunday, July 15, 2012

Neter Supreme / Jul. 16th Release

Neter Supreme unleashes his first installment on Original Drum Hsi with absolute Ancestral command! “Seq Tet Em Tuat” is Ancient Taseti / “Egyptian” language, also known as Mdu-Ntr, & it means “Journey Through The Underworld”. This EP is Neter's musical interpretation of the 1st movements of one such journey. The “Seq Tet Em Tuat EP” is complete magic! Neter gives you the keys to raise your vibration to higher states of consciousness in every composition! This EP includes potent instrumentation & orchestration, alongside massive chantings from Afrika to the Native Nations of the West.; all interlaced with the most serious of drum programming & what Neter calls “Eternal Rhythm”. The “Seq Tet Em Tuat EP” serves you 7 compositions of ritualistic might: 6 movements of aggressive flow, &... in the spirit of Maat (balance), 1 calming reprise. The “Seq Tet Em Tuat EP” has many elements of healing that a wise soul would prescribe for an ailing world. Neter Supreme simply asks that you receive this release in the manner in which it was conjured... Spiritually!

(Available Jul. 16th on index.php)

Veja Vee Khali / Jul. 16th Release

Veja Vee Khali, one of Soweto's hottest producers returns with his 2nd installment on Original Drum Hsi, entitled “Internal Rhythmz EP”. On this latest “Khali Recordings” masterpiece, Veja brings you 4 compositions of pure rhythmic depth & power! From the energetic flows of “Looking For Someone” & “Born & Raised”, to the driving vibrations of “Storytelling” & “One Shining Moment”; the “Internal Rhythmz EP” will not fail the DJ, the dancer, or the simple music lover. Original Drum his is honored to present Veja's magic once again. Do your soul a solid, & DANCE TO THIS! 

(Available Jul. 16th on index.php)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Coming Through Shortly.

Dropping Jul. 16th.

The Underverse Sanctuary RETURNS!!! - This Fri. - Sun.

We are finally back in your Galaxy!!!!
We are kicking off the the "Conjunction" season with an all weekend marathon. On the command bridge we have some of the Sanctuary family DJ's scheduled & locked in for some serious bang! It seems we've been away too long, but there has been much work being done in the absence of the show, & it all was with YOU in mind! We hope you will tune in for what will be an event full of AMAZING ENERGY, & all POSITIVE VIBRATION. Stay locked for the schedule, which will be posted here & on the Underverse Sanctuary Facebook group page, Thurs. Jul. 5th. We look forward to rejoin with you for frequencies of higher consciousness through Hsi (Music).
Hetepu We-Het! (Peace family)