Monday, October 22, 2012

Neter on twitter promo series begins OCT. 31st!

1st offering in the "Neter on Twitter" promo series. This drops Oct. 31st to all followers of Neter Supreme on twitter, & will be made available by direct link. If you're not following Neter Supreme on twitter, you will not be able to receive this & other mixes in the promo series.

You can follow Neter Supreme on twitter here > ---- @NeterSupreme

Available Now!

Taken from the "ODH Unreleased Proj. Vol. 1" EP, out now on

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Now available!

Taken from the "ODH Unreleased Proj. Vol. 1" EP, out now on

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Coming soon out of South Afrika!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

All Saints Day Weekend MARATHON! Oct. 27th

With DJ's:
Dave Montoya
Andrew Marriott
Gee Velez
Dave Kennedy
Ahmed Davis
Veja Vee Khali
Neter Supreme

Also, we will hold another Marathon on Sat. Nov. 3rd.
Stay tuned for line-up.

Hope you will join us for another journey.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Identity (written by Neter Supreme)

In necromancy I have reclaimed the nectar of The Neters -
My existence is universal & its validity is read through ancient letters...
or rather - symbols --
For I parallel in brightness to that which shines 8.7 light years distant from this earth -
My identification matrix is 4-9-9-3...
from infinite structure I was received -
I entered through the celestial body of SHE

The relationship between I & what they call "The Creator", is not fiducial -
for when my cipher came forth from its mouth, my vision was clear & without blurr...
Yet again my birth was official -
I descended to extend wisdom -
I was risen in understanding - undisturbed.

From the land of crystal elements, I speak timeless words...
though spiritual breaths I take are silent,
for here I breathe amongst the wicked; whose ignorance of their death has made them angry, & nefariously violent

I am previous to this dimension -
I am in-front of "the past" -
ahead of all that exists... I am earlier than "before",
though I too can & will be found last ---- who am I, you ask? -

I am common to all principle, purpose & concept -
I am carbon, I emanate shadows...
within I, all keys are kept

I am S-U-N of Thee Preeminent -
surpassing mysticism -
to transcend is but a law of my being

I am not "Negro", "Negrito", "Negrillo", "Negress" or "Nigger",
than that I am higher - than that I am bigger - than that I am better...
for I am the very essence of Neter -
My nature is pure & of Thee Most High,
& of wisdom I AM begetter -
my scribe is eternally "Heaven Side"...

Who am I? --- I am "Divinely" IDENTIFIED.