Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Promos out now.
Full release next week.


  1. hey neter where can i find the promo of this?

  2. Hetepu EnergySoul!
    As of now, the promos are available to promo list members only. I'm working on a submission form for those who would like to be on it. I'll definitely send it to you when I get it finished. Leave me your e-addy.
    Also, "Caught Up" will be out on June. 21st, & available on
    Gratitude for your support.

  3. Thanx 4 the response Neter!

    I love your work & support it as much as i can. I am also a big fun of your show, Underverse Sanctuary, really you have to start it again as soon as possible :)
    My e-mail is Have my eyes open on afrodesia for the release dates!

    Peace & Love from Greece!