Wednesday, August 10, 2011

(Aug. 2012) What's going on.

Neter just finished up his remixes for the new Flipgroove single "Come To Me" featuring the beautiful & talented Alana. Veja Vee Khali has also completed his remix for the single & Rick Shaw of Flipgroove has done a new remix as well. This should reach you all by the end of Aug., & with all of these hot mixes, it will be worth the wait. Neter is also putting the finishing touches on the "Seq Tet En Tuat" EP set for release in Sept.: this is the actual 1st release on O.D.H. by catalog #... of course all of our releases have a meaning behind them & that includes the release date as well, so there will be times when a release may have a further catalog number that is released early, or vice-versa.

Neter Supreme & Veja Vee Khali have teamed up to connect forces in bringing you an EP sometime this fall. Production is in the works at this very min., so stay tuned on that. In Oct. Neter Supreme will be working with his artist Patreese & in early 2012 O.D.H. will make sure you get to know all about it!

Lastly, O.D.H. has received the "go ahead" in releasing a beautiful song entitled "Blue Again", which features the world reknown Underground Dance vocalist "Jazmina". Mixes are still being done, so we hope to have this set for release no later than Feb. 2012. This is a song that will touch your heart.

Sat. Aug. 13th The Underverse Sanctuary returns to the planet with our brother "djSolE" from Johannesburg, South Africa serving at the controls once again. You can tune in here, or at the ustream sight. The show will air from 4-6pm (est), & 10pm-12am (SA). On the 20th we will have our brothers Dave Kennedy (Chicago US) & Mattski (California US) at the controls, & on the 27th, Veja Vee Khali (Soweto SA) is flying the Mutship! There will be guest dj's through Sept., so stay tuned for further announcements on just who will be at the controls.

As always, we are grateful for the sharing of your positive energy & the support of our efforts. WE ARE ONE, & it only goes higher from here. We'll be posting the release date on the Flipgroove Ft. Alana next week. Until then STAY ELEVATED & CONSCIOUS!!!!

Hetepu (Peace)!

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