Friday, September 7, 2012


Original Drum Hsi - Unreleased Proj. Vol. 1

Direct from the Original Drum Hsi Ark!, we bring you more power & energy to keep your soul soaring free! The “Original Drum Hsi Unreleased Proj. Vol. 1” EP is packed with kinetic rhythms & instrumentation from start to finish. Always with spiritual welfare being the most important reality, Neter Supreme is unyielding in conjuring works that give one a path to higher realms of consciousness through Hsi (music). With the Ancestral Foundations heard in “Drum Path”, “As Above, So Below”, & “Skinz In Ritualz”, to the Hip-Hop elements & tones heard in “The Battle Dubber” & “Wormholin'”, a serious music lover, dancer, or DJ cannot go wrong! As always, it is our desire to see change in the world, & through our music we offer our hand in the process. We hope you will enjoy this release, & we hope you will dance to it. DuaU (much gratitude).

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