Thursday, October 4, 2012

Identity (written by Neter Supreme)

In necromancy I have reclaimed the nectar of The Neters -
My existence is universal & its validity is read through ancient letters...
or rather - symbols --
For I parallel in brightness to that which shines 8.7 light years distant from this earth -
My identification matrix is 4-9-9-3...
from infinite structure I was received -
I entered through the celestial body of SHE

The relationship between I & what they call "The Creator", is not fiducial -
for when my cipher came forth from its mouth, my vision was clear & without blurr...
Yet again my birth was official -
I descended to extend wisdom -
I was risen in understanding - undisturbed.

From the land of crystal elements, I speak timeless words...
though spiritual breaths I take are silent,
for here I breathe amongst the wicked; whose ignorance of their death has made them angry, & nefariously violent

I am previous to this dimension -
I am in-front of "the past" -
ahead of all that exists... I am earlier than "before",
though I too can & will be found last ---- who am I, you ask? -

I am common to all principle, purpose & concept -
I am carbon, I emanate shadows...
within I, all keys are kept

I am S-U-N of Thee Preeminent -
surpassing mysticism -
to transcend is but a law of my being

I am not "Negro", "Negrito", "Negrillo", "Negress" or "Nigger",
than that I am higher - than that I am bigger - than that I am better...
for I am the very essence of Neter -
My nature is pure & of Thee Most High,
& of wisdom I AM begetter -
my scribe is eternally "Heaven Side"...

Who am I? --- I am "Divinely" IDENTIFIED.

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