Thursday, August 13, 2015


Original Drum Hsi is honored to welcome Brandon Delagraentiss to the label family!
Brandon; Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Director, TV Producer, Teacher & Model, to state a few of the hats he wears, really needs no introduction. His many works are too numerous to even begin to mention here. Just run his name through a web search & you will instantly see exactly what we mean.

In the late summer of '14, Brandon contacted Neter Supreme for reproduction of "Thank You" as he planned out his A.D.E. (Amsterdam Dance Event) performance & presentation of his brand new video of "Thank You." When asked to work with Brandon, Neter was truly honored! Here we must note that Brandon's vocal range & ability is extensive to say the least. Neter got in the studio & got to work on the composition, & the rest is history.

The reception, response & positive feedback of the reproduction of "Thank You" was so great, that Brandon released the performance version of the mix on iTunes in late '14. Brandon & Neter then decided to release the full reproduction version - "Neter's Dua Anthem" on Original Drum Hsi in Summer '15. At that point, Neter decided that he'd give the song a few more versions for the many styles that are vibrant at this time in the Dance Music Community.
That being said, we are proud to offer you "Thank You (The Neter Supreme Mixes)"
There are 3 different style mixes from Ancestral, to Afro & Soulful Dance/House.
Available in 3 parts as follows.

Pt. 1 (Disc A) (Ancestral Mixes)

Pt. 2 (Disc B) (Soulful & Afro Mixes)

Pt. 3 (Disc C) (Companion Mixes Of Ancestral Version)


You can now purchase this BANGAH' exclusively on our label site. 
For more info. on Brandon Delagraentiss, please visit his website here:

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