Tuesday, December 18, 2012

afrodesiamp3.com Officially Closing Dec. 31st

So we just got the word that as of Dec. 31st our beloved afrodesiamp3.com will be shutting down. 
I always advise you about the POLITRIX & "behind the curtains disruptive energy" that follows this music, & more importantly THIS VIBRATION! You will be able to get our back releases from afrodesiamp3.com until Dec. 31st.

This is regretful, but then wherever there is positive vibration & unity in doing business, there will be that which seeks to destroy it. We wear no wounds though, & will be totally available to you in the beginning of 2013. We will post our back-up as soon as it is secured. Keep checking the blog for updates.
DuaU (much gratitude) family! - Neter

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