Thursday, December 13, 2012


We are honored to offer you the 1st album of thee unstoppable Veja Vee Khali! Veja brings you “Rise Of The Afrikan Frequency”... his first album; full of absolute creativity & skill. Hailing out of Soweto, S. Afrika, Producer/DJ/Artist, Veja Vee Khali is the REAL THING when it comes to individual creativity & creative thought. “Rise Of The Afrikan Frequency” has 8 compositions featuring the many shades of Veja's musical talents & programming skill. Varying from Deep & Soulful, to Ancestral, “Rise Of The Afrikan Frequency” is packed with pure elevated vibrations.

This album is for all music lovers, as well as all souls who use music as a key tool in raising their spiritual vibration. A mandatory addition to all serious music libraries. This album has many positive vibrations, & Veja has left no areas uncovered! From the deep vybes of “Rise Again”, “The Nation”, “Love & Care”... the Ancestral, soulful healing energy in “Life Is A Special Thing” & “Elements Of Healing”, to the powerful flows of “Still Drum”, “Spiritual Elevation” & “Bring Da' beat Back”, this album is absolute power! We hope you will receive this offering & the balance that it comes with. ENJOY! DuaU (much gratitude).

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