Thursday, September 26, 2013

DJ Raheem Muhammed Offers Homage To The Original Drum Hsi Frequencies!

On behalf of the Original Drum Hsi label, & all of its artists,
we offer sincere & deep appreciation to DJ Raheem Muhammed & his site,; for his offering of homage & tribute!!!!

DJ Raheem Muhammed played a full set of nothing but 
Original Drum Hsi frequencies,
including Veja Vee Khali (Khali Recordings), Rick Shaw & Pat McLain (Flipgroove Prod.), Jackie Kemp, Raw Organic, & Neter Supreme.

We are honored, & more importantly, we are truly humbled by our brothers offering!
DuaU Sen-Ek (Much gratitude brother) Raheem!!!!

To go in with Raheem's powerful set, you can check his ustream archive here>

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