Thursday, September 26, 2013

NOW AVAILABLE for purchase!

This release is for the lover of MUSIC!
Often sought after are the "Promotional Reproductions" done by Neter Supreme.
Neter does these productions as an offering of balance to all who support him & the Original Drum Hsi label.
A lot of these productions aren't "official", so they can only be done on a "promotional" level, & made available through Neter's twitter spot, for a short time.
As promotional material, the vocals of these reproductions are made available.
The vocals are owned by the respective artists, but the music part of the compositions are ALL NETER!
That being said, we now are offering you Vol. 1 of the "Neter Reproductions" Instrumentals.

This release is the 1st installment of what will be a series of releases.
In this release, we offer you the instrumentals of three of Neter's hottest reproductions.
They are: Whitney Houston's "Love Will Save The Day" (Neter's Jerzee Goddess Anthem), Foreign Exchange's "Eye's To The Sky" (Neter's Up-Rockah' Dub & Beats), & SWV's "Love Unconditionally" (Neter's On My Own Repro.).
We hope you will receive these offerings, & the deep musical vibration they carry with them. As always, on our band camp site, you can purchase the full release, or select individual tracks. DO SERIOUSLY ENJOY FAMILY!
DuaU (Much gratitude)

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