Monday, September 28, 2015


On Sept. 13th 2015, I received a call to inform me that my beloved sen (brother) & cherished friend Pierre "Kemetech" had been killed. My sen was on his way to work early in the morning, either riding his bike or walking with it on the side of the road. Apparently, someone mowed him down & left him there to die in the road! I've heard it said that Souls pass on from their human existence when it is their time to go. Well, I disagree with this on so many levels… as in this case, someone has killed my sen. He did not simply expire from his human existence naturally… he was murdered! It was NOT his "time," nor was it his area to leave his journey here.
He was 37 yrs. of age & his B-EARTH-Day was just 10 days earlier. Both of our B-EARTH-Days are in Sept., & the last thing he said to me was "Happy B-EARTH-Day brotha'!"
The depth of hurt & sorrow I've had due to this tragedy has been extremely severe. My heart aches & my entire being wants this to have never of happened. In some ways, my human emotions would have me feel like I should've been there with him, for it cuts deep to know that he died there on that road ALL ALONE! I am so very, very regretful that this has happened.
Humans have got to stop their shyt! We must return to balance & always remember to love on each other while we are on this planet. Balance is the only frequency that can bring about an environment that can keep this kind of madness from visiting upon our journey here. Surely many will disagree with this… & that's fine - I'm simply sharing my cosmic view on the matter.
This composition is for mer sen i (my beloved brother). It is a capture of the feelings I have as I go over the memories of times spent with Pierre, the energy of Pierre as it pertains to our brotherhood & our Cosmic Oneness. It also captures the sadness I have had due to the passing of Pierre… but also of the happiness I feel, knowing that Pierre knew enough about who he truly was, to be triumphant in finding his way back to Khuiland (Paradise).
Lastly, the intro. is a byte of a msg. Pierre left me late one night, where he had fallen into a brook while on his way to a party. When he left the house he was dry as a desert… when he called, he was soaking wet! He wanted me to come & pick him up so he could change his clothes & get to that damn party! He was always finding himself in crazy shyt like that, & always, always keeping us laughing.
I hope this offering will be received with the same energy it was conjured with… BALANCE!, & I hope that in someway it will help anyone who may be in the midst of regret & sorrow. Listen for the remembrance of goodness in the composition… it is surely there!
Hetepu whyt! (Satisfaction/Peace family!),

Conjured, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Editing, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Recorded at TANASETAKU TEMPLE (Galactic Mut System)

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