Sunday, September 27, 2015

SassyAzz - The Key Is Yours (Reproz' & Alt. Album Versions) OUT NOW!

ODH-S-0018: The Key Is Yours (REPROZ')
π © 2015 Original Drum Hsi (G) / π 2015 Sultry Seduction Lyric

Written & Performed by SassyAzz for Sultry Seduction Lyric
SassyAzz appears courtesy of Sultry Seduction Music

 ODH-S-0019: The Key Is Yours (Original Album Mix Alternate Versions)
π © 2015 Original Drum Hsi (G) / π 2015 Sultry Seduction Lyric

SassyAzz special dua (gratitude) shouts:
Dua my brother, "mi Neetah" (Neter Supreme) for your ingenious musical vision. You were my first & only choice to work with for my first project. It only took us a good four years to finally put it in motion, but it was well worth the wait. Master Jedi status!!! Thank you also to my fellow Jedi's Enoo Napa, Rated M & Shino Blackk for coming aboard the SassyAzz "The Key Is Yours Remix Project." You all gave this project dimension and distinction… It's so "Sassy!" To my brother Stan for his support. To Alondra, Britney, Veronica, & to my sister Wanda, who's spirit continues to dance in a higher place, though is always here with me. Dua to all of you who have, & are still supporting my musical journey. Lastly, Dua to the entire Original Drum Hsi & Underverse Sanctuary family for always supporting one another. We are one!
Peace & Love!
Sass' (Mutship Queen)

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