Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hetepu Abt! Ankh, Wedja, Seneb!
(Peace Family. Life, Prosperity, & Health (spiritual) to you!)
We are pleased to announce the relaunching of Original Drum Hsi releases for purchase.
As you may or may not know, for the past 3 years, we made the label available exclusively on That site unexpectedly, & without warning shut down Dec. 31st, 2012.
We immediately secured the new site, but it has taken a few months to get everything all together. Many thought we would go to other sites that are the "more popular" sites, but they don't know us very well do they?
Be it the case that Original Drum Hsi is POLITRIX & BULLSHYT FREE, the label will never be available on sites that aren't about BALANCE & POSITIVITY. We have taken a lot of noise about this matter. Many think that if you are an independent in these times, that you should be where everyone else is, & that if you are not on these sites, that you are irrelevant. With all that being said, Original Drum Hsi has been holding its own & staying vibrant as an independent label for the past 3 years. The foundation of the label, our music, & the frequencies in it has it all covered. We are a label that is about true artistry, & offering sincere positive vibration to all who will receive it, we have no concern or desire to join the "rat-race".

We have decided to cut the "middle-man" out of the picture as much as possible, & in doing so, we have made the label available through for the time being. All new releases, as well as prior releases; with the exception of ODH-S-0005 (Flipgroove Ft. Alanna - Come To Me), are now available on our site. In the next few months you will also be able to purchase releases on iTunes & amazon. All of our exclusive releases can be found on our site first though.

We give homage to all of you who have stood with us, supported us, & helped us in whatever way you have. DuaU! DuaU! DuaU! (much gratitude) There are many great compositions coming this year & we hope you will continue to stand with us... for we STAND WITH YOU!

We ARE the "changing of the Waters Of Life", & we KNOW you are THIRSTY!
Hetepu Abt (Peace Family).
Original Drum Hsi

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