Sunday, March 10, 2013

What's Happening

Hetepu Abt! Ankh, Wedja, Seneb! (Peace family! Life, prosperity & health to you).
I know it's been a short while since I've given an update, but I've been on that COSMIC GRIND! =) I hope you & all of yours are giving & receiving BALANCE, as well as changing this world into its natural harmonious state.

So here's what. I've just completed 3 reproductions for family & friends from S. Afrika. 1st is a MASSIVE JOINT entitled "Aquarius" by my brother & great friend, as well as label partner "Veja Vee Khali". No word on release yet, but it will be well worth the wait. Next is a very positive song by DJ Casiolars Ft. Ziggy, entitled "Xamagu Mom Modjadji"; a spoken word vocal speaking about giving Homage for music. This will drop on DJ Casiolars label in the next few months. I will keep you posted. Also on the reproduction plane is RealPurple Deep Ft. Bruno Soares - Rise & Shine. This is straight EXTRA-GALACTIC!!!! I can't wait til it drops on your planet =). This will be released on RealPurple Deeps label Soweto Underground.

I am constantly grindin' on production for my albums, both set to drop this year. Look out for singles coming on the label this spring. Speaking of the label, the Relaunching of Original Drum Hsi for purchase will take place by the end of Mar., & all that was previously available, with the exception of ODH-S-0006 "Flipgroove Ft. Alanna - Come To Me" - will once again be available for purchase. The first release of 2013 on ODH is Flipgroove Ft. Jackie Kemp - Choices, with mixes by Flipgroove, Veja Vee Khali & Neter Supreme. This song is very positive & inspiring regarding life & waking up to ones connection to all that exists. I have held this one back for awhile because spiritually speaking it was not time for it to come to the planet, but now it is fully charged & coming at you shortly.

I know many have been wondering if I will do any ReSplytz & Edits this year, & let me just say that I will have a pack ready for the people by mid-spring (N. Hemisphere). The grind is massive, with nothing but production, production & more production.

Lastly, The Underverse Sanctuary Netshow (USTREAM) will be on the air at the end of Mar., & we will be doing our EXTRA-GALACTIC marathons again, so stay tuned. Stay focused family, as we are changing this world. Please check this spot weekly for coming releases, label updates & links to all that Neter Supreme is coming with.

DuaU Abt-Iy Amar-Iy! (Much gratitude my family, I love thee),

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