Friday, June 30, 2017

Damn! - It's been over a year & a half???

Hetepu (satisfaction / Peace) to all!
Well family, as you can see, it has been over a year & a half since we last updated this spot. There have been many, many, many things that have happened in that time, & we'll just update everything as best we can til we get caught up to the present day ok? Make sure you let us know via our facebook (Neter Supreme) page, or more importantly, our twitter, which is @netersupreme if you're not following yet. Those are the spots to keep up with Neter & what is going on with the label, artists & happenings on a more day to day connect. Neter is presently working on the finishing touches to his 2nd full length album, which is set for release sometime between Aug-Sept. '17. Stay tuned. There are many releases dropping this summer on Original Drum Hsi. Make sure you keep up by coming to our label page here > Our releases are ALWAYS AVAILABLE exclusively from that address. So without writing an entire book, we'll just get to updating the blog & continue to stay current. WE'RE BACK! :P

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