Friday, June 30, 2017

ODH-S-0026: Neter Supreme - Source Unchallenged (NOW AVAILABLE)

ODH-S-0026: Source Unchallenged
Neter Supreme
π © 2016 Original Drum Hsi (G)

01. Source Unchallenged (Xtra-Galactic Main Mix) IRSC: QM9ET1600015
02. Source Unchallenged (Xtra-Galactic Drumz) IRSC: QM9ET1600016
03. Source Unchallenged (Album Version)* IRSC: QM9ET1600017
04. Source Unchallenged (Album Version Meditationz Mix) IRSC: QM9ET1600018
05. Source Unchallenged (Album Version Drumz) IRSC: QM9ET1600019
*Taken from the ODH-LP-0007 Neter Supreme "Temple Of Thee Eternals"

It's here! "Source Unchallenged"… the second single release from Neter Supreme's new album "Temple Of Thee Eternals," coming this summer! Neter is back & bringing with him that "Tasetian" vibrance.
In keeping with the cosmic-tradition, Neter has conjured all kinds of balance & harmonic goodness & poured it straight into this composition.
The "Xtra-Galactic Mix"; done specifically for this release, comes with pure & unaltered power! With Ancestral rhythms, Tasetian breaks, a relentless onslaught of dueling Zurna's & a kinetic percussion base, the "Xtra-Galactic Mix" is one to get your DNA upgraded on for sure!
The album mix is just as strong, but with a more meditative & soul seducing energy. As the precursor for the "Xtra-Galactic Mix", the album version is found with a more in-depth Cosmic frequency! With an amazing percussive base, beautiful strums & plucks of the Qanun, entrancing blows of the Tasetian (Egyptian) Nay, & a backdrop of effects & background definition, the album version could serve as your soundtrack for an out-of-body experience! This mix is just a mere taste of the depth & power that is within Neter's new album.
As with all of our offerings on Original Drum Hsi, we hope you will receive it in the manner with which it was conjured… & that is positively Cosmic! Dwa W abt! (Du-ah Uoo) (Much gratitude family!)

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at TANASETAKU TEMPLE (Galactic Mut System)
All Trks.: Conjured, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Editing, Drums, Keys, Chord Arrangements & Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Release Date: 2016-05-26


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