Friday, June 30, 2017

ODH-S-0030: TasetAku Harmonic - Sepedet (NOW AVAILABLE)

ODH-S-0030: Sepedet
TasetAku Harmonic
π © 2016 Original Drum Hsi (G)

01. Sepedet (Neter's Galactic Oasis Mix) IRSC: QM9ET1600038
02. Sepedet (Neter's Galactic Oasis Instr.) IRSC: QM9ET1600039
03. Sepedet (Neter's Peret Mix) IRSC: QM9ET1600040
04. Sepedet (Neter's Peret Drumz) IRSC: QM9ET1600041
(NO RELEASE) Sepedet (Neter's Nebula Charge) IRSC: QM9ET1600042

Cycle #1 of the TasetAku Harmonic project has come to your planet! Remaining in the Neter Supreme nebula for quite some time, this project is finally getting a go at it!
With this release, Neter holds true to his Cosmic Roots regarding the overall vibration of the composition, as well as his worldly Tasetian, Ancestral, Afro & Soulful House styles that he is well known for. Neter also gives a nice light on his affinity for symphonic orchestration.
Neter says that his affinity for Symphony, Classical & Opera is based on the reality that all these forms of music are born out of an underlying vibration of unity; as an orchestra's delivery of compositions relies strictly on many different musical elements that give life to, uphold & maintain those compositions.
With an in-depth percussion base, rhodes & pianos all added upon orchestral elements, vocal & sound FX, "Sepedet" is packed with musical strength!
The TasetAku Harmonic offers one a chance to journey into higher frequencies through music, rhythm & sound. The core intention is the same as always with the offerings from Neter Supreme, & that is Balance, Positivity, Goodness & Vibrant Life Force. Neter says that he is well aware of the short attention span of the modern human condition, but he does not keep his offerings short due to this unfortunate reality. That being said, the main version of "Sepedet" is 9 min. & 42 sec. - here is where we repeat: "the TasetAku Harmonic offers one a chance to journey into higher frequencies."
This is music for all Souls & we hope you will receive this offering with the same frequencies of balance & goodness that it has been conjured with. Stay in-tune with the Original Drum Hsi label for the TasetAku Harmonic album coming in the near future.
Dwa W abt! (Du-ah Uoo  - Ah-bet) (Much gratitude family!)

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at TANASETAKU TEMPLE (Galactic Mut System)
All Trks.: Conjured, Composed, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Editing, Drums, Keys, Vibe Arrangement & Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Release Date: 2016-08-26

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