Friday, June 30, 2017

ODH-S-0024: Neter Reproz' Unreleased Mixes Vol. III (AVAILABLE NOW)

ODH-S-0024: Neter Reproz' Unreleased Mixes Vol. III
π © 2016 Original Drum Hsi (G)

01. When Can I See You Again (Neter's Solar Slam Instr.) IRSC: QM9ET1600006
02. When Can I See You Again (Neter's Solar Slam Drumz) IRSC: QM9ET1600007
03. Latch (Neter's Galactic Key Instr.) IRSC: QM9ET1600008
04. Latch (Neter's Galactic Key Drumz) IRSC: QM9ET1600009

You asked for them & you finally get them! We are proud to bring to you the previously unreleased mixes from some of the many reproductions by Neter Supreme. Always at the producers command bridge, Neter is conjuring mix after mix, project after project & song after song. Some of the versions of his material aren't always released or made available… that is not the case now!
Original Drum Hsi has made a select group of unreleased material available to all who have been asking for it, & those who may have never heard it before.
In this edition - "Vol. III", we give you the previously unreleased instrumentals & drum tracks of Neter's reproductions of Vivian Green's "When Can I See You Again", & Disclosure & Sam Smith's "Latch."
The Vivian Green was to be an official reproduction, but while negotiations were underway, Vivian left her label at the time & started her venture with a new label. Unfortunately, that put the reproduction down. Neter's rendition of "When Can I See You Again" is a depth-charge production & it is full of soulful orchestration. We are happy to be able to give you the instrumental & drum track.
The compositions on Original Drum Hsi are for every living being on this planet, but here we are catering a bit more to all of the DJ's who put work in as true Commandahz' & utilize instrumentals, dubs, drums & acapella's to tell their story.
We hope you will get goodness & much enjoyment out of this release, & as always, we extend this offering to you with hopes you will "Cosmically" receive it.
DuaU abt! (Much gratitude family!)

Special dua (gratitude) shout to Vivian Green for the opportunity. Even though it didn't come to the surface, I am honored to have had the chance to work on your beautiful song. -Neter

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at TANASETAKU TEMPLE (Galactic Mut System)
All Trks.: Conjured, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Editing, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Release Date: 2016-04-26


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